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  1. Considering OJs uneven development time and his reported tough COVID illness last season I'd be inclined to see what kind of off season work be can put in. Now that he has has a small taste and knows what it takes, I'm hoping his development starts taking some solid strides. Hes a smart player and has great puck skills-just needs to improve his athleticism.
  2. Fair point. I guess that's definitely an option if Halak craters.
  3. It's huge, and if you look at some of the 400k + 2 way deals handed out it shows a real effort to have a good farm system in place. If Abby can be competive and bring in good revenue, paying solid AHL players well I think will benefit everybody.
  4. And I mean kudos for even thinking of the idea. You terrify me now.
  5. As ruthless as this sort of move would be, I can't see DiPietro playing in NHL next season. Guy is going to play a ton of games in the AHL, develop and if they get into the playoffs continue to be a leader on that team. But yeah, JB doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that F Halak over like that
  6. I really don't know much about the player other than his background in ND.
  7. Habitually....sureee. Plan was always to draft key pieces and compliment those players. That plan is right before your eyes. Tune out instead.
  8. My only concerns are: Can he stay healthy? He's not really built to play that physical 4th line role. Excellent PKr, but footspeed is an issue. Offense? Suter can kinda sorta chip in but probably not going to get a productive 4th line I hate to say. Also a quality guy no doubt. Teammates seem to love him. If they can somehow get him and Khaira signed on the cheap if be happy
  9. Quick check in on how CDC is doing and now back to #canucks twitter.

    1. -AJ-


      I can't imagine #Canucks is a nice place to be these days.


      Or ever, for that matter.

    2. Coconuts


      If I spent time on Canucks twitter I'd be angry too 

  10. It's tough. My partner and I will no doubt adopt again because there are so many unwanted animals out there-we enjoy putting the time in for these dogs (not to sound preachy/I know it's not for everyone). That's great your considering a dog again and I bet your son will love every minute of it!
  11. I have a feeling Virtanen will figure it out like Kassian did-assuming the allegations arnt substantiated/don't lead to any more unacceptable conduct. He will put his head down and become a decent player for another team. It's too bad though he wasn't able to do it in VAN. I could actually see a growth in maturity over the past year and a bit however too late.
  12. Today I had to say goodbye to my little guy. It was sudden and unexpected. His brother cat can't wait to see him
  13. Yeah. If VAN is just the fresh start he needs and he can be an impact player, it's going to be a great trade. He wants to be that difference maker.
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