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  1. One thing you're forgetting is the culture element. These guys were all brought in to play the hard mins and be quality people for young prospects learning the league. Imagine EP/BB/Hughes/Demko etc. playing with ringers that don't necessarily have the leadership/buy in that these guys have. It can create a very toxic environment and not one you want to have your future core pieces develop in. Yes, the cap hits arnt the most efficient and yes you can also argue that JB might have gambled wrong on how productive some of these players would be but cant ignore the quality of char
  2. That's the plan My only regrets are letting my sarcasm extend to @wallstreetamigo for that good sir, I am truly sorry (not sarcasm)
  3. And to answer your question, yes, it would work because John Garret would obviously be the new goalie coach
  4. Geoff Courtnall pres Luongo GM Bieksa HC Burrows Assistant Hamhuis Assistant Would be interesting to say the least
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