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  1. So now we are stalking JB in grocery stores to try and smear the guy eh

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Chuck I have a camera on my phone. 

      I don't take pictures of people when I go into Save On Foods. 

      Besides if Border Services and health officials say he's following protocol, and being tested regularly 

      it's a non-issue. 

      It's not like he was at warehouse with Jake at a rave partying with a 1000 people. 

    3. debluvscanucks


      Here's how you do it if it's not "stalking":

      "Hey, hi...can I take a picture of you?"

      Surprise, ambush attacks in aisle 7 of Safeway?   To be used to trash someone? That's stalking in the first degree.

    4. debluvscanucks


      And keep it in perspective:  the guy was buying FOOD....you know, essential stuff to sustain himself.

      NOT shaking his booty at the beach party.  

      He was well within his rights as per the rules set out for him.  But let the witch hunt continue.....

  2. Ok so I see now it's not that collision but the knee while nurse is on the ice. Just an LOL moment if you ask me? Sit the game and not even think about it again lmao. Oilers may have gotten the better of the Canucks this year but next season. it's Hulk smash time
  3. Just caught the highlight of Zacks short tilt with Nurse-nice RH. Hate Nurse. And Khaira was being a punk last game too. Would have liked to see Zack give him something to remember
  4. I read somewhere that he wants to five times in 2021. Wish we could see more from the top welterweights
  5. They were influenced by where the team was at at the time. EP hadn't played a single game. You've got a young Boeser and Horvat. No Miller or Pearson. No Hughes yet. Canucks needed to insulate the younger guys. COVID and the Luongo cap threw a serious wrench into those plans. Those contracts would have been expiring with the cap going up as EP and Hughes are coming off their ELCs. Maybe Roussel would have been better if that knee injury never happened. If you ask me I'd much rather have Beagle in the line up than not right now. Guy plays the game hard, is a good 4th line
  6. Jomboy media is gonna have some good stuff to watch tonight

  7. Abbotsford Anchovies would be cute
  8. I'll ignore some of the OPs remarks regarding what type of work environment VAN has and the other speculative opinions. 2019-20 was a good year because the Canucks had a more balanced line up/depth. This season, ignoring external factors, had a lot of evaluation going on mostly with younger players. Safe to say Hoglander is a key piece going forward. If Juolevi can keep improving he has a spot on the team too. Gaudette is gone, not sure about Jake but for his sake it might be time to get a fresh start. I guess I've come down a little on Chatfield-he can be a botto
  9. Guy has played 850 NHL games, fought etc. and you call him meek lmao. What have you accomplished in life there tough guy?
  10. Spanked? Canucks were lucky to win the 1st and Rittich handed them the second.
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