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  1. Personally, if this kid can turn I to another Motte like bottom 6 player I would be stoked. Him and Hawryluk zipping around together could be awesome. I also think it's time for Motte to play on the third line. But there is a log jam even if they trade JV, buy out AR and re-sign Vesey and Hawryluk. Lind and MacEwan too. I like the internal competition tho
  2. The Hughes family strikes me as fairly buisness minded folk when it comes to hockey. EP switching agents also seems to indicate EP knows a lot of money is on the line and he's going to get the best deal possible. Maybe not an offer sheet but I kinda doubt either are going to take a penny less than what they're worth
  3. If it works out, Highmore and JaceH could be a worthwhile 4th line. (Motte should be a third liner IMO)
  4. "Struggles" lmao. Motte wasnt a finished product when he was acquired. His numbers were not much different than Highmore after NCAA. If Highmore can develop and is as much of team player as his former in coach in CHI says, it's a worthwhile project. That's not "throwing away for nothing"
  5. It's a relevant point about Motte. And if it's true that McCann had entitlement personality issues perhaps being traded a couple of times was some of the adversity he needed.
  6. And what exactly is AG's trade value? If the guy has been available for what seems like awhile, doesnt seem like other teams were exactly clamoring to acquire the guy
  7. I wasnt aware Highmore requires draft protection? I thought the idea was to move AG and use a protection spot for Lind.
  8. It's definitely a long term trade: (1) for a guy who MIGHT develop into a Motte like player and (2) banking on Lind's potential and thus protecting him from ED
  9. I think this is a question worth considering: who has the higher floor Lind or Gaudette? If you think Lind has more potential to become a serviceable NHL'r, seems prudent to use a protection spot on him
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