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  1. Obviously you didn’t go to Nucci’s Gelati. So good in the heat of the summer. That is a special little shop
  2. It’s a no-brainer for me too. All #36 ever does is either a) steal the puck with a slick stick lift, or b) skate into 3 players behind the goal line and emerge with the puck. Takeaway machine.
  3. I can maaaaybe get through the 1st period without nodding off Weekends I’ll stay up for the whole game, but no chance on a work night. Sucks a lot.
  4. Living in Montreal right now. I can confirm this: Quebeckers can be quite the handful when it comes to their patates. No frills and nobody will bother yah
  5. It’s become a wager within the ref group - “how many PPs can we give them with absolutely zero results? I’m game if you are.”
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