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  1. Laine?? I live in Montreal and all the TSN folks have been saying the Habs were big on acquiring Laine. Maybe the Nucks are swooping (I doubt it but I can dream).
  2. Loved him during his first stint in the Peg. My wife is from there, and we’ve started to pay a bit of attention to the Jets. Not a bad 2nd team to follow.
  3. I will feel bad for Marky and Tanev, but I will be just tickled WHEN things go sour
  4. Super good at getting one punched and getting his jaw crushed
  5. Yeah! If JB and Co can get him for cheaper than market (a la Holtby) I would be happy. Barrie isn’t a bad player. But his salary expectations must be off the charts after playing in Toronto. Is it just me or does every good player in TO make wayyy too much money?
  6. Game 6 is the glimpse of the future that we all need to hold on to right now. This team will be special.
  7. Incredible. The boys really needed to return the favour. I’m willing to chalk it up to growing pains, and lack of situational experience.