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  1. No problems so far. In fact, things couldn't be much better. Nice to see Trump at his highest approval ever.
  2. Russia again? This is like Smolette claiming he's a victim of a hate crime again. Anyway, Bernie got told Russia is trying to help him. Funny they didn't just get a FISA warrant and tap his phones.
  3. Yeah I was disappointed they were talking about this on the news instead of the debate.
  4. I don't think he would have started a thread like that. But maybe. He didn't like the sjw stuff but was definitely more democrat than republican maybe up until the time he left. Even then I'm sure he wasn't ready to admit it. He wasn't happy with Canadian criticism of the US role in the middle east.
  5. True it is only my opinion that he was feeling internal conflict because his views were turning conservative and he didn't want to accept he was turning into his father (rest of his family).
  6. True, but he was getting testy before that in the thread about the US /Iran skirmish.
  7. I protest the poll. Firstly, Sabrefan just left because he's turning conservative and got fed up with the lefty talk here. Secondly, how can clam get any votes when Harvey and La bamba are in the poll and you're only allowed one vote! Even I had to vote for Harvey. Oh well... As long as clam got @Ryan Strome and @Cerridwen on the team...I guess that's all that matters.