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  1. I don’t see NHL doing anything about this situation besides wishing for it to go away. It is all about the revenue and trying to stay relevant. Besides Canada, few markets in the U.S and several E.U countries, everyone else could give two $&!#s about the hockey. Also the fact that this involves one of the largest U.S markets in Chicago, few other problems remain. Bowman name is attached to 17 Stanley cups, Bergevin is in Montreal, coach Q is HOF bound and in FL and Cheveldayoff is in Winnipeg. No way that if these allegations are true, these guys didn’t know abou
  2. CBH1926

    Tokyo Olympics

    Love seeing small countries outperforming much larger ones in the Olympics. Too bad that my old country fell apart, combined we are still kicking asses in so many sports.
  3. Those guys have other problems to worry about and bigger fish to fry, than wannabe baller from Canada. Someone should tell him that he grew up in East Van, not in Compton or SC L.A.
  4. We are starting to see uptick in vaccination rates amongst those that live in the Deep South. Hopefully rates go up because Mississippi was at like 33% or so, but that’s a different country down there. Also still lot of younger people feel that they don’t need the vaccine.
  5. CBH1926

    Tokyo Olympics

    Congrats to Dressel for winning his 5th gold medal in Tokyo. Joining Olympic swimming royalty, Biondi, Spitz and Phelps.
  6. Last week SA has been going through widespread racially motivated violence, looting and mass unrest. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/the-inside-story-of-south-africas-week-of-anarchy/ar-AAMFVJE?li=BBnbfcL
  7. One of the most underrated hockey players in recent history. True warrior and excellent shot blocker.
  8. Makar being RFA had something to do with him getting less money than Seth.
  9. Big contract for sure, Pietrangelo, Hedman, Josi, Carlson and Jones are top 5 defensive players right now. Seth is only 26 whilst those other guys are all over 30.
  10. CBH1926

    Tokyo Olympics

    The last time I sported jeans on jeans look was the late 80s. Jean jackets have been back but you mainly see women wearing it. Canadian tuxedo is more along the lines of high top sneakers, dog sleds and mukluks imo. when it comes to Canada.
  11. CBH1926

    Tokyo Olympics

    I see that Olympic team Canada is paying homage to the iconic Canadian tuxedo. Although this one looks like something that Robin Sparkles designed.
  12. When Bowman gave up 2 2nd round picks for Timonen who could barely skate few years ago. I thought that was just an awful trade, oilers taking on this deal without and salary retention or picks. Its pretty close!
  13. I always felt like Soviets played Fidel during that crisis. Soviets were so behind the U.S in terms of nuclear arsenal and ability to deliver it. They even felt that U.S was preparing first strike and that they might not even be able to counter it. Missiles that they sent to Cubans would take a very long time to prepare and launch. Satellites would have detected them way before the launch sequence. In that case full invasion of Cuba would take place and even if they managed to get some missiles off, Cuba would be gone. So while USSR got concessions and
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