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  1. What cracks me up about this thread that I have been a part for the last 4 years. All Trump nut huggers from presumably Canada have this same bull$&!# narrative “I am pointing out the hypocrisy” “I am not Trump supporter” etc. I mean all have bent over backwards to defend the guy, writing essays and doing all this research. Why not have the balls and say “I like the guy” or “I wish my sissy PM spoke like him” Instead, you go through these mental gymnastics of defending him while trying to look impartial.
  2. Ted has always been a gigantic piece of $&!# and if Courtney Love story is true, they should run him through a wood chipper.
  3. Guns will stay the only things that will get taken away are Social security, medic aid, insurance, living wages etc. But who needs that when you own 100 guns plus you stick it to the soy boy liberals! I have been following Breitbart comment section for years, it’s hard to believe but it gets way worse, like 1000% worse.
  4. Needed a good laugh, what a &^@#ing buffoon! Exclusive — Ted Nugent: Beto, Biden, Harris ‘Are Coming to Take Your Guns’ https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/19/exclusive-ted-nugent-beto-biden-harris-are-coming-to-take-your-guns/
  5. From the horses mouth directly when he gave an interview to Fox News. The man, John Paul Mac Isaac, said he has a condition that affects his vision and “can’t be 100% sure” it was Hunter Biden who dropped off the computer for repair. When asked, Isaac, whose social media posts indicate is a supporter of President Trump, https://www.foxnews.com/politics/hunter-biden-emails-computer-repair-store-owner-john-paul-mac-isaac
  6. Yeah, Breitbart has been bending backwards with these fake Biden stories that their readers are slurping like milkshake. Fake news!
  7. You debunked their story very succinctly, my response to goobers that believe in this fairytale. ”Is Hunter running for some office, if the answer is no, I really don’t give a &^@#”
  8. When your “story” originator is blind repair guy, you know you have some issues. Also I think Rupert Murdoch owns NYP as well.
  9. Hopefully some good earnings this week for ABT, NEE, PG, VZ and few other stocks!
  10. CBH1926

    NFL thread

    The age old question, was Bill great because he had Tom or was Tom great because he was coached by Bill? I think we are getting closer to that answer.