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  1. As long as they serve their time at ADX in Florence Colorado so they never get the same idea.
  2. MTG is political grifter that won in rural county where only 18% of folks have college degree. She is as credible as used car salesman but unfortunately now she has larger platform. Catering to uneducated, stupid, racist, homophobic, gun cultists, fake religious people etc. in America.
  3. I was just going to post this, these workplace shootings are becoming so common, it’s terrible.
  4. In the 25 years that I have been in Chicago, lot of hot air and talk, but nothing gets done. For the most parts it’s, we need more police and black people are bad or we need less police and black people are the victims. Politicians only care until they get elected, after that it is on auto pilot and how to stay in power. The only way that I know how to fix the problem is monumental societal and cultural change. This would involve changing tax laws, welfare, school funding, sex education, parenting, medical system, infrastructure, regulations on TV, Internet etc. And th
  5. Anyone invested into etherum gray scale trust?
  6. Certain areas in Chicago are war zones and that is not figuratively speaking. West Garfield park has murder rate that is about 100 times higher than Canada. Its kill or be killed, if you are shooting down there and you take off after cops get there with a gun on you, 9 out of 10 times you are in the morgue or hospital and no amount of training, lawsuits, protests, riots etc. will change that. Until we address real issues, it’s nothing but lip service that will not change anything. And these issues go back decades and decades.
  7. Another kid that had no one to look up to but gang members in Little village. Killed by trigger happy cop and set up by the older more experienced gang banger. Now his family says he wasn’t alone, sure that is why he is out at 2:30 in morning in a place that is a killing zone. What a shame and waste of life!
  8. Since you are only allowed 140 words per tweet, you have to make it count. Words that you mentioned, draw people like $&!# draws flies.
  9. No doubt, her husband is a protestor, artist and amateur boxer. I wouldn’t think that those things pay but I guess I was wrong. She has a great defense though, she said that those are are questioning her wealth are racists. Whitlock got suspended from Twitter because he was making fun of her for buying a house in an area where only 1.6% black people live.
  10. BLM has paid her 120k in the last 8 years, and I don’t think anyone will donate you money so you can buy 4 houses. If I had to guess, probably some misappropriation of funds that went to the movement.
  11. Saw this story earlier about one of the BLM a founders going on multi million home shopping spree. Who would have thought that teaching at public colleges here and there gets you money to buy 4 homes. I should have been social activist, these people live like kings and queens, while plebs are at each other’s throats. https://www.blackenterprise.com/blm-co-founder-patrisse-khan-cullors-under-fire-for-purchasing-million-dollar-homes/
  12. Yeah, those are the ones that we had when I was a kid as well. I wish we had nerf guns when I was a kid, those things look like fun.
  13. Hopefully it wasn’t one of those super soaker guns, those things are viscous!
  14. This has nothing to do with the police but I think it relates to guns usage. Where I grew up, you had to serve 18 months in the military, it was mandatory. Also we went through series of brutal wars starting in 1991 through 1999. People in my home country know guns all too well. I can’t tell you how many stories I know about accidental gun discharge, hand grenade exploding in hand, anti tank missile being fired by mistake etc. Not to mention how many people were killed by “friendly” fire. Once fear and adrenaline kick in, for some people everything that they kno
  15. Can’t wait for Robin Hood customers, Reddit folks and those that believe stocks/currency are going to crash to pump this thing up. I see this sucker going up to 1k in the near future.
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