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  1. They also banned KPG members from voting, as well as arresting several dozen SPD members. Every SPD member that was present voted against the enabling act. The fact that braunhemden were patrolling, intimidating and harassing people also got them votes from other non conservative parties.
  2. D.C is 15m restricted and no fly zone, with F-16 planes ready 24/7 at Andrews Air Force base. Avenger short range system is located around the WH as well as NASAMS that is mid to long range missile system protecting the D.C. No plane is getting near any of the major buildings.
  3. My favorite moment of DJT presidency will occur on the January 20th of 2021 right after 11AM CST.
  4. Milwaukee Journal ripped a new asshole to Ron Johnson! https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/solutions/2021/01/07/ron-johnson-scott-fitzgerald-tom-tiffany-must-resign-expelled/6585447002/
  5. His behavior is pathological, I don’t think he can help it.
  6. It appears that there is no self pardon for Trump crime family as well as their associates. I am not psychic but I bet lot of them are $&!#ting bricks about that! https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/19/politics/trump-self-pardon-warning/index.html
  7. Plenty of boycotting going around these days on both sides. Pillow guy has a right to free speech, but there are consequences when you spew lies, nonsense and support conspiracy theories. Big fella that sang anthem for Canucks had a right to say what he wanted about the masks. So did canucks when they decided they didn’t want to associate with dummy like that.
  8. Like many other well known people he did good things but also took some “questionable” stands. Also I try to judge people in the historical timeline that they lived in. I know that back in 1950s he did some things to integrate black and white worshippers which was gutsy back than. He condemned and spoke against apartheid regime 50 years ago during the time that both Canada and the U.S had very lovely ties to SA. But there are Nixon tapes and his views on gays which were common practice in NA back than.
  9. Cruz is gigantic turd but he moved to the U.S when he was very little. Texas formed him into douchebag that he is now and besides that plenty of other weasels like Graham, Green, Boebert, Hawley, etc. to take his spot. How did this guy almost kill you?
  10. Plenty of candidates for orange is the new black prison uniform.
  11. We went from MAGA &^@# yeah, suck it up snowflakes, love drinking liberal tears and 4 more years. Now when they lost, they are pleading for some unity and civility. They can go pound sand with that bull$&!#, GOP, goobers and their media. Time to pay for the crimes you have committed!
  12. So many people talked about “Tookie” before he got the needle. Lot of celebrities and few thousands that showed up for his funeral. I doubt that any of them knew names of the 4 people that he executed during his robberies. Premeditated crime like this one, I feel sorry for his victims.