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  1. Hey DJ Dave -- you played "shots shots" at the superskills ... is that an actual song - who sings it? I love it by the way! :)

  2. Hey DJ Dave -- you played "shots shots" at the superskills ... is that an actual song - who sings it? I love it by the way! :)

  3. could you send me the orginal photo or send me the link for the photo being used in your profile picute ?

  4. Lol, that hawk's website is pretty awesome eh? Now I feel bad that you didn't actually meet them!

  5. i actually found that picture of all places the chicago blackhawks message boards last spring during round 2 ... they were at a chicago white sox game inbetween hockey games ... I WISH I was sitting with them for a game!!! glad you liked that pic!! :)

  6. Hi, wow, where is your profile picture from? Sitting with the entire canucks team is kinda awesome!

  7. Henrik's Eye for Art

    I thought the Jack Adams ( Pat Quinn & AV) and Rookie of the Year ( Bure )were major awards .... and of course the Lester Pearson too (NazzY)
  8. The Forgotten Swede

    Patrik Sundstrom was my 1st hockey crush!! I was in high school back thenn .. I saved up my own money and saved up 3 Kraft UPC codes to get this Sundstrom Sweatshirt .... I wore that shirt ALL the time ... I still have it! How can anyone NOT know Sunny?? He has a twin brother Peter that played for the Rangers back then too. Patrik was definitly the Pavel Bure or even the Alex Burrows of today!!! by the way there is NO "C" in his first name ... ;P
  9. Hard to Say Goodbye - APR.10.08

    Hey Ryan .... THANK YOU for your entertaining blogs all season long ..... I wish you and Andrea the best when baby Macaela/Mackayla ( whatever you spell her name - it's beautiful) arrives ... enjoy the summer!! When it comes to Trevor, he is MR.CANUCK without a doubt ... I really hope he plays another season ( 20 years would be better than 19) , I was there at the last game ... and wow ... I cried so much that night - hetruly deserved all of the chanting and cheering ... what he did to this city is just amazing!! I thought it was ironic how all the chanting would be in front of Mike Keenan ( can't stand that man for trading him away) so kudos to the fans!! Have a wonderful summer and can't wait till September when you come back and you WILL make the playoffs and you WILL win the Cup in 2009!!! Thank you for your best season yet Ryan !! GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  10. Life On the Road - Nov.21.07

    Awesome game last night Kes!! It was great to stick it to BOOGAARD ....I LOVE Pinky & the Brain -- what was that all about ... I think Boogaard is Pinky while you guys are the Brain!! ... Happy Thanksgiving to you, even though you are stuck in a hotel room .. hope you got to enjoy OURS last month ... good luck the rest of the way .... you guys will RULE the NHL!!! :-D