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  1. I'd be actually really surprised if we see another live sporting event with fans in attendance in 2020. I feel that this pandemic is going to affect the start of next season as well.
  2. I'm on the auto-renewal program and just received an e-mail that the team will not be processing the Deposit payment while the league is currently on Pause. Hi Thank you for your support as a Canucks Season Ticket Member. Due to yesterday’s announcement by the National Hockey League to pause the 2019.20 season, your deposit for your 2020.21 Renewal Membership (originally scheduled for March 16, 2020) will not be processed until further information becomes available. If you have any questions about your Membership or the 2020 Playoffs, please call us during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM) at 604.899.GOAL (4625) and select option 1 to speak with a Canucks Representative. Sincerely, Your Vancouver Canucks WE ARE ALL CANUCKS
  3. I only have 3 games left that I have sold. 2 In person and one through Ticketexchange in which I already have received and deposited the cheque. Have contacted the two people I have sold to directly and am arranging meeting up to refund them and get the hard copies back for now. Not quite sure how the TicketExchange sale will work at this point.
  4. Given everything that is going on, I wonder if the Canucks will delay taking payment on deposits for next year or will move forward with Business as usual on this front. I assume the deposit will go ahead as scheduled on March 16th and they will re-assess on payments for the rest of the year later.
  5. However, disregard my comment about pricing. I just realized when I clicked the Renew Now it took me to the 2019/20 Invoice Page, not the 2020/21...
  6. If you log into your Canucks Account, you get prompted with a Message of "It's Almost Game Time" and you can renew now. There is also a radio button for more information that does not seem to be working yet. I clicked on the Renew now and it looks like my Seats are the same price as this past season on the renewal form.
  7. You have to understand that in September they probably sold out of the inventory they had allocated to the sale. For any regular game, a certain # of tickets are withheld for players, the league, sponsors, etc to purchase. I can imagine for a game like Feb 12th for the Jersey retirement, that number increased. As we are getting closer to game day, these seats that haven't been snapped up get released to the general public to purchase again. I believe we started noticing these tickets pop up around 30 days prior to the game which would make sense. This is pretty common practice for events.
  8. Wow the prices are really inflated from when we had the pre-sale. There are two seats in Section 307 Row 3 right now which would be $544.00 all in for the 2 seats. I believe these were closer to around $400 for the pair all in during pre-sale. At least there is some out there for people to buy if they want them, but I'm not going to buck up that amount to buy extras at this point.
  9. The way I deal with this situation as a seller is I send a single ticket to the buyer. Once they receive the ticket, I have them send payment to me and inly when I receive it, I then send the 2nd ticket. If they dont pay...They either dont go to the game or they find me next to them at the game and it wont be a fun night. Have found this method to be very agreeable by most buyers as it shows a bit of trust and vulnerbility for each side of the transaction.
  10. I actually had a very good weekend on that front. I sold 4 games over the weekend that are Christmas Presents for people: Jan 2nd v Chicago, Jan 18th vs Sharks, Mar 6th vs. Colorado, and Mar 15th vs. Winnipeg Hoping to get a few more sold before the holidays if possible.
  11. Yes, this was the hay day for us as Season Ticket Holders if we wanted to sell some of those premium games. Unfortunately, the Brass saw how much tickets were selling for on the secondary market and wanted that for themselves, hence the pricing model we have now and the issues they are having with still not selling out when the team is back on the rise and marquee and premium matchups come to town.
  12. Thanks for the heads up about Fans First. I will definitely look into listing with them once they are in our market. i haven't had any luck with my Tickets tonight. It's the first time in a LONG time that I haven't sold this game. Looks like I will be going to this one and hopefully enjoy watching the Nucks take it to the Leafs.
  13. Got them now: Section 121 Row 19 for the Jan 4th Game Section 104 Row 24 Aisle Seats for the Feb 10th Game Not too bad.
  14. I haven't received either set of extra tickets yet: Regular - Jan 4th vs NYR Club Perk - Feb 10th vs NSH Hopefully will show up in the next couple of days. No rush really given how far the games are away.
  15. I had this perk last year. Just a heads up, for the concert I was at, there was no food provided in Club 500. There was only a cash bar. If you wanted food, you had to go to the main concourse. It mainly was just a place to sit.
  16. Been a good week for me. My Perk this year was a pair of Club Seats for a game this year. Got to pick from pretty much the same list as the free pair for Auto Renewing so selected a second Pair for the Feb 10th Game vs. Nashville for Sedin's Legends Night.
  17. That's too bad. My second Choice was going to be Monday, Feb 10th which is the Sedin - Legends Night but I figured a Saturday right before most people will go back to work after the holidays should be a hot ticket.
  18. Just confirmed my Free Pair for the Auto-Renewal. Took two additional Tickets to the Rangers vs. Canucks on Sat Jan 4th for 90's night in the Black Retro's. You are actually only assigned GA tickets through the checkout. I assume the Team will assign seats after the fact and put them in our mobile accounts.
  19. There are actually some good dates to choose from Im trying to decide between: Jan 4th vs. Rangers - 90s night, black skate Jerseys Or Feb 10th vs. Nashville - Sedin Legends Night
  20. Mine starts at 10AM as well. Do you have Full Seasons @WalkWithElias? If so, I'd be calling in and complaining and maybe requesting a different rep.
  21. Personally not a big fan of the new line-up. Rintoul moving to host his own show from 9am-12pm is going to be a big downgrade from the The Playbook. I would have preferred they just replace Jang with producer Bik Nizzar and left the rest of the line-up alone.
  22. There is a very simple answer to this. If you don’t have any type of ticket pack, There are at least 4 pre-sales before single game tickets go on sale to the general public. 1. Club/Suite Pre-Sale 2. STH Pre-sale 3. Half STH Pre-sale 4. Ice-pack pre-sale Feb 12th was virtually sold out after the Season ticket holder pre-sale. As a STH I had trouble buying an additional pair to that game on the day of our pre-sale for extra single game tickets
  23. You can have 4 A's if you don't have a Captain Named. Once the Captain is named, the team will drop down to 3 - A's. The Captain will be named from one of the 4 - A's from the first two games and we all know that it is Horvat getting the C.