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  1. When I asked Oct 3 at the game , they said they will be sent out a week before home opener
  2. We should be getting new ones for the upcoming season
  3. I guess we find out today or next week from Bonnie Henry
  4. Who wants to pay to see the Laughs choke anyways ??
  5. As someone who is fully Jabbed I don’t feel comfortable in a packed arena , guess we find out in 2 weeks what happens
  6. No it’s not valid anymore…. My friend tried using his the other day and it didn’t work
  7. Was told it will be sent out a week before Reg season
  8. I don’t think Bonnie will follow , she will keep things low and tight
  9. So the public gets to kinda resell before us??? Man they really trying to lose STM as this point , I called a rep about the cards said a week before home opener , I also asked about the benefit they still owe me from the 19/20 season they said nothing has been done with that yet and they still haven’t got approval for this year’s benefits
  10. Rogers Arena won’t be torn down , also how is their verified tickets for sale on ticketmaster if we have got any Reg season games yet in our account?
  11. All games are being sold at 100% if the PHO doesn’t change refunds will be handed out
  12. Canucks released a limited amount of tickets for tomorrow game
  13. Apperently tonight attendance 9108 (only 48.2%)
  14. Ya ub4 was packed i snucked down to 111 , 324 was a entire empty section
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