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  1. I agree I prefer paper tickets also , I hope there is a demand of it. By fans so they have to bring it back
  2. Less attendance just means less money I owe to the team
  3. It’s something I don’t wanna give up either , especially when they make a deep playoff run we don’t have to pay over price resell prices to attend games
  4. I’m still going to wear mask to games for a bit, just to be safe
  5. I wonder if crowds are capped at 50% do Full season get first Dibs ?
  6. Lots of other markets aren’t cheap either
  7. I wonder if any of the original STH since day 1 still have their tickets
  8. Maybe lots of cancellations will be a wake up call, 8 years of incompetence doesnt work
  9. Looks like STH renewals might be out soon , got this in my other email yesterday, over 200 new members
  10. I forgot about renewals , I might ask for some of my credit back if nothing happens for fans attending next season , I downgraded from full 2 seats to half 1 seat just to save money
  11. I’m glad our hard earn money isn’t going towards the team this year .... utter garbage
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