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  1. So there goes Washington's 2nd round pick, which means they'll have no choice but to deal us their 1st.
  2. Makes sense for everyone. The panthers don't need any more youth and Jagr is cheap. The devils probably resign Jagr in the summer and trade him again this time next year.
  3. Any team can potentially compete if enough variables go right. The problem is the Canucks have a lot more variables than the top contenders. - Can the Sedins get back to ppg players? - Can Bonino replicate his performance last year? - Can one of the young guys, especially Bo Horvat, step up? - Was Ryan Miller's time in St.Louis an anomaly? - Can Kassian develop his game further from last year and actually become a top 6 forward? - etc. etc.
  4. Would trade Shinkaruk + 6th + any roster played not named Sedin or Kassian in a heartbeat. Florida probably doesn't take that deal though. Now Horvat + 6th + a roster player would probably get it done.
  5. I don't think either management or ownership ever thought he was the problem. But the team needed a change, and he was the easy change to make, especially given the salary cap situation this year. There's a reason he got re-hired within months of being fired.
  6. Edler and Kesler would likely get something around 2 prospects and 2 or 3 picks. Suddenly Vancouver would have somewhat of a promising future 2 or 3 years down the road.
  7. Hartley's fine essentially puts him on notice of "do that again and expect a suspension as well".
  8. Not that anyone would ever make a Coho/Kassian comparison, but they now have equal goal totals for the year.
  9. He's given himself 43 games to prove himself. It probably comes down to: <20 Goals, Buy him out >20 goals, keep him
  10. Everyone, including Kassian, has these dreams of him being a 29 year old Bertuzzi scoring 40-50 goals. People have to start entertaining the thought of him being a 15-25 goal scorer, who can step up every now and then and be an enforcer. A slightly more skilled Chris Neil perhaps. With that being said, he definitely needs to improve his hockey IQ.
  11. Wow, what a horrible trade that turned out to be for Washington. 11th overall pick for 9pts in 32 games.
  12. I guess they wanted to give one of the goaltenders a chance, hence Holtby over Ward. Still, he has less than 60 games in the NHL. No Iginla was a surprise. Should be Luongo's spot to lose.