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  1. Willie Desjardins on TSN 1040

    I kind have a feeling we Canuck fans need to keep an eye on the draft this year, I mean a real close eye. There are a number of assets that well, could be packaged up for a big name, impactful type player IF management is really committed to handing over the reigns to some of the nice young talent in the organization. I have no actual information to go on for thinking this way I just have a feeling that this is the perfect time to make a 91 Ronning type trade to really change the look of this club. Not sure if those deals are out there, but looking at the Evander Kane deal, maybe, just maybe they are.
  2. Willie Desjardins on TSN 1040

    I only see one flaw in your thought process, yes the Flames won the series but they didn't "knock" the Canucks out, the Canucks played themselves out of the series. In four of the 6 games the Canucks were clearly the better team. Game one they took their foot off the gas and made two mistakes late, costing them the game. Game six at 3-0 they had Calgary dead and buried - I mean dead, the looks on the Flames and the Flames coaches told you they were done, until the Canucks stopped the aggressive forecheck and started to coast. That let the Flames back in. I can guarantee you the Flames youth and playing young players before they are ready will hurt them in the next series and next year. The Canucks approach is the right approach. Its the Red Wing approach. The Flames approach is the Oilers' approach, which organization would you rather emulate?
  3. Willie Desjardins on TSN 1040

    I don't want young players in the line up simply to have young players either. I want the best players under contract to the Canucks to make the team. If Higgins, Vrbata Hansen, Vey, etc all come into camp ready and the Jensen's, Virtanen's Shinkaruks cannot beat them out of their spots, then the young guys go back to the farm and keep developing. The point is to get better. In doing so you want to get younger also but that young talent has to prove its ready. I can almost guarantee you will see Horvat and Kenins back next year all year. Will Richardson be resigned? Will someone be moved out of town? Who knows. What I do know is that this group of management and coaching staff will put the very best group on the ice opening night that it can, young or old.
  4. Willie Desjardins on TSN 1040

    I agree 100% on Weber, he isn't that good of an offensive player that his defensive inabilities can be overlooked re-signing him for any other reason than depth is a big mistake. Sbisa is where I disagree. Sbisa is not a superstar at all but he is still a solid PHYSICAL player that this year I think was asked to do a little more than his skill set allows. Sbisa would be best in a bottom pairing role and asked to simply make the smart play and eliminate anyone along the boards in a different colored jersey. With a very simple role Sbisa can be effective. Weber however needs to be replaced. My biggest question is why didn't Stanton get into game three? He is far and away the most physical presence for the Canucks back end and would have been able to answer some of the Flames stupidness in games three and four. Weber wasn't doing anything to keep the change from happening.
  5. I have been watching Canucks coverage since 1982 - and the reality is, no one other than Canuck fans actually watch the late games on CBC unless the Laffs and Habs are playing out west. That goes for the commentators and so called experts as well. Game one of this series Simpson commented on Vrbata playing on the second line as if that was a new thing, he'd been playing there for almost two months at that point. There is a bias when it comes to the media. Officiating and league wise, I cannot speak to that because I haven't been in those meeting rooms to know one way or the other but I look at it as luck has been against the team in a lot of occasions in regards to schedule and calls etc. The Canucks always seem to get the bad side of those things and its not a conspiracy, just how it seems to go. Regardless, that's a tangent. My sole point here is that if you don't see a bias, that's your opinion and you are welcome to it. I would argue that it is incorrect and the Eastern based media ONLY discuss and look into the Canuck's organization when they HAVE to in order to do a game, and even then its surface only stuff. I do not understand why in the current set up of the TV rights the duo that called the games in the regular season cannot just call the playoffs. When its in Van we get Shorthouse and Garrett, when its in Cal we get - whoever it is that calls them I don't watch many Flames games. They are the ones that have the in depth knowledge of the season and the teams.
  6. I've been fed up with CBC coverage of any hockey game for the past 7 or so years. I was exstatic over SN getting the rights, only to be kicked in the nuts when I found out NHIC was going to remain.
  7. And as a fan I want to know what's up too, however I would rather not know instead of giving talentless hacks like Ferland and Bollig targets on the guys sucking it up and playing hurt.
  8. Oh the Team will have the info, but they would never release it. Remember 1994 when Linden played with broken ribs? No one knew about it until after the playoffs, now if Burrows does come back because its been announced what his injury is, the oppenents will go right after his ribs. That's why teams don't release this info, Lavoie is an idiot for doing so
  9. I would not count out Quinn as an interim GM. That would allow Linden to bring in someone he knows and trusts implicitly to evaluate the team from within. Quinn's experience and knowledge of running a successful organization can help Linden make the correct choices on who to keep in the existing structure and also will help him to understand if Gilman or someone else is ready for the big job. I am not saying have Quinn here for as long as a year, but bring him in now, get him working with Linden on the exit stuff and draft prep and if possible run this years draft. After that, there should be more than enough information for Linden to decide if he can promote from in house or if he has to go after a Feaster, McPhee, Benning, Tambellini, etc... Yes I said Tambellini, I don't think you can judge him based on his time in Edmonton. Lowe was and is calling all the shots there still, I don't think we saw what Tambellini would do if he had full control of all decisions. And judging by what Linden said he wanted this team to look like, it sounds a lot like how Quinn and Tambellini played. A team's identity has to start from top down, everyone has to be a part of it and look like they should be a part of it.
  10. Ok Markstrom. Does he back up Van or Utica next year ?

    Florida pushed too much on him too early. Much like the Canucks did with Eddie this year. The difference is that Eddie had an excellent relationship with Bobby Lu, and to Bobby Lu's credit he cared enough about the guys in the room to help Eddie keep focused while he was here. Markstrom never got that in FLA. instead, he reverted into a horrible tender. Even the win against Calgary, his positioning was way off, rebound control is non existent and his ability to deal with anything in front of him is hilarious. While the team didn't play great in front of him in Edmonton, most of the five goals were stoppable by an average NHL goaltender. Markstrom should be waived, released bought out, whatever. He's of no value. Maybe he can find his game again, but from what I saw, he's too far gone. Get rid of him, sign a grizzled vet to back up Lack and allow Eriksson and Canatta to keep growing in Utica. There is good talent in the net in the organization still, we just don't know if its average starter, elite or solid backup talent yet, that remains to be seen.
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I am sure this has already been said, but I have to say it, - GO LEARN ABOUT HOCKEY!!!! Kesler and Burrows are the ultimate pest / shutdown tandem. Thier job is NOT to score, its to make life hell for the oppositions best players. The fact that with Hansen on thier line now they will each pot around 20 goals this year is a BONUS. Seriously, you dont trade guys like Burrows away you trade FOR guys like Burrows.
  12. happy birthdayy!!

  13. happy b-day!!