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  1. Some pretty bizarre videos and pictures coming from reliable sources. So curious. The truth is out there. Maybe aliens brought the covid! Or maybe they'll catch it from us.
  2. No Eriksson?! Crap on a stick, might as well pack it in.
  3. Those are actually good points.. his choice in numbers was odd for a guy who hadn’t made much of himself. I’m actually glad he’s gone. He wasn’t showing signs he could be a consistent third line centre.
  4. Red rover, red rover, we call Podz over. ... right away please!
  5. Looks dangerous on skates. Him coming down in your foot would not end well.
  6. Eriksson is my guess, scoring on his own net again, metaphorically.
  7. 19 games in 30 days sounds insane. I don’t think the Canucks have ever played a schedule like that ever, even at the start of this season. Mass injuries on the way.
  8. I wonder how much of a nation's gender gap is connected to their economy. When I think of Canada, in my biased opinion, I'd think BC and Ontario are probably ahead of the prairie provinces with the gender gap, and I think about how a big driver in the prairies is still farming, and that entire culture hasn't changed in its philosophies and beliefs as much as other provinces. You'll see some historic stereotypes continue to be played out in the prairies.
  9. Bottom dwellers: Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan. All pretty close to each other. Nowhere nearby for the women to seek out a better life.
  10. Can someone remind me of when our next potential game will be? Or do we know yet?
  11. I like the fact that each pairing has a guy who wouldn't hesitate to drop the gloves if needed.
  12. It seems like this way of cap circumvention, by acquiring an injured player to have him on long-term injury is so much more slimy and cheap than our Luongo contract, particularly since it was conceivable that Luongo could potentially play it out. Toronto didn’t break rules, and neither did we at the time. But Toronto keeps doing this, and we keep paying a penalty. This is where I wished Benning had more balls and challenged the NHL on it more.
  13. It would be so sweet to face the Leafs first round. You just know Leafs would be nervous to play such underdogs. We’d be expected to lose, but.. what if ... ?
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