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  1. This is depressing. However, I could see the December signing deadline change given the NHL probably won’t even start until January. Maybe there will be enough of a delay to allow for his KHL season to end before a new signing deadline hits, allowing Tryamkin to still finish with the Canucks in spring 2021.
  2. The site no longer works on my phone. Been visiting far less frequently as a result this week. Plus, on my tablet, it's weird with the boxes everywhere. Losing interest too, as it's too much trouble to try on access now on my main devices.
  3. Indeed, especially when one of his line mates manages to score more goals than anyone in the postseason at that time.
  4. Or Patrik Laine, who lost to Auston Matthews even though he had more points per game. How appropriate that Eastern media decided it mattered more to be able to prove you can stay healthy that year, and this year it was more about PPG.
  5. Hughes deserved it. But on the bright side, it might bring his impending contract down a few dollars next year?
  6. Good points. Unfortunately, Marky is getting more injury prone as well.
  7. I’m too of the mind we’ll need to cut ties with Markstrom. It’s a shame, but it’s just where we are. It’s a bit risky though. He has saved us so many times, and now we’ll be heavily reliant on Demko, who has not played a lot of games yet. Goalie is probably the most important position in the game, and we’re having to part with a beauty.
  8. Pretty cruel of the NHL to throw the Lightning right in with only a day’s rest, but that’s life in the bubble. I like Tampa more than Dallas, but don’t really care either way. As others have said, just glad it’s not Vegas in there. After the finals, I fear it’ll be awhile before we see NHL hockey again. Maybe a half season, starting in February, once vaccinations are making their rounds.
  9. I have to say, it’s just nice having an Eriksson thread in the trades section, giving us hope that it’s an actual possibility.
  10. What’s strange with Eriksson is that he actually seems satisfied with his play as a Canuck. His comments to the media last summer seemed to indicate he felt he deserved more ice time based on the quality of his play. Most people in his position would probably have trouble sleeping at night, recognizing how his salary and below average play have hampered the team. I just wonder if he’s a bit delusional at this point. At any rate, I don’t think I’ve ever been so irritated by seeing any other Canuck continue to play games for the team as I do with Eriksson. He is an anchor, and I hope to God that our GM finds a way to ditch him this offseason.
  11. They need to start distributing that full proof Sputnik-V vaccine to the KHL players.
  12. I wonder if a gentleman’s handshake is made between Ferland and Canucks management at this point about him living on Robidas Island from here on in to provide some certainty on the cap situation and in terms of Ferland’s health.
  13. Yep, those two are important cogs in our system. Hopefully that’s where Tryamkin will fit in. He’s a defensive defenseman who is more consistent than Myers but who also plays with an edge.
  14. We hardly could get possession of the puck. A few timely hits by Tryamkin would change that in a hurry. Lack of size is what killed us against a stronger, heavier Vegas team. We looked physically and mentally beat in game 7.
  15. Size matters. I’m convinced that if we had Tryamkin this post-season, we would have got through the Knights and be playing in the conference finals.