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  1. I’m liking the lineup. If we stay healthy, this could be a very enjoyable year.
  2. Leafs can’t get enough of our stud D. Last year, Hutton. Now Biega. Going back further, Jordan Subban. They know talent when they see it.
  3. He was no Jiri Slegr, but he was a fine defenseman for sure. Best to you, Alex Edler, and thanks for all the great hits.
  4. Interesting that the guy hardly takes a penalty… very Tanevesque there. Makes me wonder how physical he is though.
  5. Agreed. He had that one good game last year. He is too much of a passenger to get anything substantial.
  6. I’m hearing he hasn’t actually lifted his NTC / approval on this yet, and apparently Jets have tried to get him in past years where he has refused to waive the limited no trade clause
  7. Nice to see ownership has given that green light on buy outs. It can’t be easy to feel like we’re throwing away millions, especially when it’s an owner’s money, so I’m feeling fortunate right now that we have that luxury. Not all NHL teams do.
  8. Good riddance. Regardless of the accusations, he was one of the most frustrating Canucks that I’ve seen. So much raw talent, and so little drive or consistency. He has been a big time letdown.
  9. I know that, as a fan, I’m a lot more excited about next season. A whole season of knowing there is NO chance Erikkson makes it into the lineup.
  10. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha he’s gone!!
  11. If we do trade Schmidt, I hope it’s for a tough, mean defenseman. Our team is skilled but waaaay too soft at the moment.
  12. This is helpful. If they wanted to add in some advanced stats, they should include distance travelled between games too. Ottawa wouldn’t look too bad there, while Vancouver would be hurting.
  13. The schedule is much more manageable than last year. Plus all those road games in Seattle will help reduce travel. I can’t wait for the season to start. I’m seeing playoffs. A healthy Petey will get us there. I just hope the Canucks use their skate jersey as a frequently used third jersey. That’s a key to success this year.
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