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  1. On the bright side, we got the shot count working on the broadcast. It’s not how you start, but how you finish. Let’s get our game together before we play the Leafs.
  2. I don’t know why this pisses me off so much, but why can’t Sportsnet give us the shot count? Two games in a row, and when it went to the Flames feed for a minute, they had it. It’s the same frigg’n station! And Petey has lost his mojo. I hope he finds it fast.
  3. I blame the entire team, not just Cooke. But to be honest, I don’t blame Bertuzzi more than others. Moore won a fight in that game and he scored a goal. Every Canucks fan was wanting something to happen to him. The sucker punch was dirty, and knocked him out. If he woke up woozy and cowered to the bench / dressing room, fans would have been good with it. Instead, a bunch of players fell on him and he broke his neck. And Bertuzzi is vilified forever.
  4. I wasn’t very big on Cooke. I was thinking more about Bertuzzi / Moore the other day, and realized that If Cooke didn’t first try to fight Moore (and lost in his attempt), Moore may have been more willing to drop gloves with Bertuzzi. Why did Cooke have to use that game as one of the very few times he was willing to fight? It just added to the frustration.
  5. Not a moment too soon. Hopefully the first line will begin to shine once more.
  6. You could tell near the start of this game that our mojo wasn’t there. I would just like to see us score one at this point. Get a shorty.
  7. Canucks look like they’re trying to be too cute again. They need some selfish guys to just get it done.