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  1. Hello,

    are you interested to play in my Yahoo Fantasy Leauge?

  2. I assume fine, since his skating was quite impressive for his size when I watched him at the WJHC last year.
  3. suikoden is epic

  4. I was going through an old thread, and saw that you're a Suikoden fan as well. Just wanted to say hi

  5. Gnickers87

    Adam Polasek | D

    I want Bieksa gone as much as the next guy, but Gillis can't trade him until he knows he has a replacement. So if Gillis can sign a Hamhuis, Martin or Michalek, then Bieksa can proceed to trade him.
  6. Gnickers87

    Adam Polasek | D

    I really like this pick, he was a guy I was hoping we'd take in the later rounds.
  7. Oh wow, nice find. He signed a year extension in Sweden, so he's not here for a contract. He's currently injured (broken bone in hand) and is sitting with Dave Gagner. He could be here to meet with the FO and just talk about how his season went, things they liked, things he needs to work on etc. Possibly gauging where he is and if he'll come over for 2011/2012.
  8. Haha, that's quite alright. I've gotten over 60 +'s from that thread. =P

  9. +ve's wise I mean haha :P

  10. I'm totally leeching off your thread.

  11. Yes, but he has been out with an injury. Before that he was getting a regular shift. edit: Apparently he has fractured a scaphoid bone and will miss the rest of the season.
  12. According to Elite Prospects he is
  13. that's supposed to say*scene* btw, after midnight my gramma and spelling starts to take a hit, haha.

  14. Haha yeah, it is an awesome episode and really funny. The part where Angel attacks Spike is also a excellent sceen.