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  1. I hate how we never talk anyomre <♥/3

  2. Hey, so you finished IB, right?

    I'm in gr. 12, and my English IOP is coming up :S

  3. Yoooo
  4. Heeey I haven't seen you on here in ages man!

  5. o herrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooo

  6. If it's about me deleting you as a friend, it isn't. I was just shortening my list :P I thought you were a goner... hadn't been on for like a month :P

    Yee yeee! GRAD 2010 baby!

  7. Banned for having a sig that confuses me
  8. cdc needs a "wall to wall" button because i dont remember what i said

    anyways, grad 2010!!! whooo!

  9. I miss your old sig, you know the one.