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  1. I need to buy contacts.

    Know anyone that could sell me some?

  2. wtf
  3. Between The Buried and Me - Sun of Nothing
  4. watch out for freak gasoline-fight accidents.
  5. has anyone told you how ridiculously, really really good looking you are lately?
  6. lol, whatever gave you the impression i was a nice guy? and i have learned nothing from the past, i still suffer from an irrational hatred of persons of the jewish faith AND i still play with my poop. lose/lose
  7. going off of stereotypes alone, i'd say the jew-hating people in lederhosen who play with poop. but that's just me.
  8. there's a third choice, but involves porn and human feces and would probably result in a ban. you wacky germans.
  9. contribute plz. also, here's me being sexy again:
  10. ITT: a distinct lack of fap materialz
  11. At least I'm good at it.

    Not that YOU'LL ever know.

    Thank you.

  12. it's not that late, you assholes.