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  1. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Has he had any shifts since the injury ?
  2. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Icing on the cake is he is a home grown local boy !!! We've had a decade of naslund and the Sedins....I can't wait for the next era of Virtanen Horvat Cassels Mcann. Some skill and grit good ole Canadian boys !!!!!!
  3. Gustav Forsling Talk

    Great he shut down Mcdavid on 2 shifts. And a broken clock is right twice a day. So what. ?? Forsling is years and yesrs away from even having a sniff of the AHL not NHL. AHL. Listen I'm not trying to be a Debbie downer but I'm more a of a realist and using actually knowledge here rather than blindly setting expectations for gustav because of a few powerplays points. This is the problem with prospects developing overseas. Imo it stunts their growth and puts them behind 2 years. 2 Years because that's how long it will take them to adjust to north American hockey where the rink is smaller and you have less time and space and people actually try and hit you. It's like in baseball, Imagine playing in a league where they are only allowed to throw fastballs. Great. Then now all of a sudden you play in league where they are allowed to throw curve balls,stinkers, changeup etc. NHL AHL SHL In that order those are the best hockey leagues in the world.
  4. Cole Cassels | C

    What A POS move by Team USA,it seemed like they had their roster set by last weekend, CC didn't even play the last exhibition game yet they waited 2 days before Xmas to cut him. That's BS. People seem to forget that these are still teenagers they are dealing with. Imagine having your dream goal crushed on Christmas eve, now imagine being 18 and imagine having all of north America know that you failed. CC will come back strong from this. One thing for sure the CHl is gonna feel the wrath of the OSahawa Generals. Wow. Already the number 1 ranked team In CHL and now you have a pissed off CC, MDC and even Hunter Smith who got snubbed by Team Canada. Would love to see the generals to get the mem cup.
  5. Gustav Forsling Talk

    Lmfao at Nux fans, 3 pts and 2 losses in exhibition games vs Canada and USA and the hype on this guys is crazy !! Lol the next Sami vatanen ?? Forsling isn't anywhere near as good as j subban offensively or more importantly Defensively and subban has about 10% chance to make it in the NHL. We already have an undersized Swede Dman who loves offence but can't play a lick of defence and will never mAke the nhl.. Tommerenes. I wish this kid the best of luck but to say he will be the next vatanen is beyond a miracle. Did anybody even watch his defence ??? Terrible !! Decision making , awful !
  6. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    SHL is terrible hockey, it's like my men's league Friday night beer games at 8 rinks, except we actually hit people in our league. All jokes aside Nylander plays the type of game that is perfect for Euro hockey and Euro size ice, but he will have a difficult time adjusting to the NA rink and type of crash and bang hockey. He simply won't have the room or time that he has in SHL. How's he going to react to the physical play, we already know Jake excels at this. Anton Rodin is destroying the SHL. That alone should speak volume. Rodin folds like a wet napkin w the NA style of hockey tho. In my opinion if best case scenario happens for both Nylander and Jake I'd still prefer Jake. Who do u prefer, Nicklas backstrom or Cory Perry ??
  7. Bo Horvat Talk

    Van falls in love w. Rookies so easily, Horvat is reaching hodgson status where people are defending him blindly. I remember when everyone wanted more ice time for hodgson even tho he didn't deserve it and had Kesler and hank ahead of him at centre.. Same w. Bo. YOu can tell he isn't ready to produce offensive yet ppl want him ahead of Richardson. Bo should be sent to WJc so he can play more than 10 min a night and develop and gain confidence. Canucks won't miss him. We can slot kassian on 3rd line wing spot and move Vey or Mathias down for 4th line c.
  8. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Jake is the real deal! reminds me a lot of Corey Perry!
  9. Cole Cassels | C

    How much of his success can be attributed to playing alongside MDC on ES and PP?? I'm asking Oshawa fans or scouts not billy box score watcher.
  10. Bo Horvat Talk

    Its clear as day that Bo needs to be sent back to JR and develop by playing heavy minutes in every situation rather than the 8 min a game he plays here in Van. Send him back to London for a long playoff run along with a stint with TEAM CANADA WORLD JRs then off to Utica in the spring for the Comet's playoff run.. This doesn't hurt Bo's development nor does it hurt The Canucks as they have players like Vey and MAthias who can play the 4th line C. On the record tho, I love what I see from this guy. He is a strong ox who is very very dependable and plays a pro game. His numbers may never reach 60 pts a year but he will be a very integral part of our future success. In the future, We will need to be strong down the middle to compete with the likes of Calgary who has Monahan and Bennett and the Oilers who has RNH and Dr Drai. Feed the Ox!!!
  11. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    CDC mindset... Virtanen,pure sniper but lazy defender Horvat, defensive genius but can't snipe. Lmao these are teenagers that you are nitpicking.
  12. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Size doesn't always equate to an easier path to success in the NHL. Especially for Dmen in the NHL. These world class NHLers will skate circles around them and beat them to the front of the net from the corners. TREE needs a lot of developing to do and in my opinion the sooner he gets to North America the better for his development. Look at Nikita Nikitin for the Oilers. one of the worst free agent signings in years!! Big framed Russian Dman who has absolutely no hockey sense and lacks NHL calibre skating. 6'5 230lbs of pylon
  13. Canucks 2nd rounder 36th overall

    No chance we get him unless we draft him with our 6th pick. He will go top 10 if not top 15 for sure!!!
  14. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Perlini is severely under rated on CDC.... he is top 10 in almost all scouts list and he did very very well on combine
  15. Canucks 2nd rounder 36th overall

    no thanks on Brendan Lemiux with our 2nd rnd. He has a ceiling of 3rd line pest, you dont draft those guys in the 2nd rnd.....2nd rnd still has a chance for a top 6 forward or a top 4 dman on the team.....