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  1. That might be a bit of a biased opinion. Reinharts game will translate very well in the NHL. He thinks the game like Henrik Sedins and Joe Thornton.
  2. It's a stinger on his right shoulder, opposite of the one that had off season surgery. He will be back next game.
  3. Top 3 youngest players on team Canada jrs this year .... Lawson Crouse Connor Mcdavid Jake virtanen. True story.
  4. Jake is 18 and was 1 month away from being eligible for this year's draft. Jake should absolutely without a doubt 100% be in the Dub next year. This year he didn't get a chance to develop during the spring or summer w. His shoulder injury. No need to rush him whatsoever, and we need his body to grow and mature even more so that he can play that big and rugged physical game vs nhl pros who won't be bounced around as easily. My time line for Jake. - finish this season in the WHL. - 15/16 get a full off-season training and play full season in the WHL and play for Canada JR's -16/17. Play in the AHL and get call ups with the NuX. -17/18 first full year w. The Nux.
  5. Has he had any shifts since the injury ?
  6. Oilers don't need a centre, They have RNH and Draisaittl Plus 1 of Mcdavid Eichel Strome Marner That's pretty solid for the future down the middle. If the Oilers were to target anyone in the Canucks system it would be Lack Tanev Kasssian Demko
  7. Honest question to everyone , what do you think our team Identity has been since nazzy and twins have been our captains and leaders.
  8. Again this is my fault, I mis worded the title. Swedish style isn't refering to all Swedish players. It's referring to Naslund and Sedins who have led us for 15 the last 15 yrs. Since they've been our leaders, our team identity has emulated their game and personality. All finesse and skill , no grit or intimidation.
  9. What's with all the ifs and buts about 2011 cup run. Ya we were 1 game away from winning the cup but we were also 1 goal away from being eliminated in 1st rnd. Let 11 go ppl. And I'm not asking for team to be full of grit goons who can't play hockey. I want gritty leaders w. skill And sand paper in their game so team can emulate their identity. Players like getzlaf , iginla, Forsberg,
  10. 94 is a perfect example, tho we had a pure finesse and skill player like ronning, our 94 identity was tough nosed, grit, with a name breaker. Identity was led by guys like Linden, bure, momesso, courtnall, Gino
  11. And to further clarify , I dont want the Sedins traded , would love for them to be in the lineup if and when we win the cup However I dont think it's possible if they are the ones driving the bus, I think we need new identity and new primary players with the Sedins being the passengers. This might take 3-5 yrs if guys like kassian, Horvat, virtanen , McCann , gaunce and shinkaruk can develop quickly.
  12. I hate to keep using the Bruins as an example but it's kinda what my vision is. For years they were lead by Joe Thornton and Sergei Samsnov, and as such their identy was skill and and finesse. Never led to anything. Traded Thornton , New leadership became chara ,Bergeron and eventually Lucic and the rest is history.
  13. You mean burr w. Finger biting. But I see ur point. And I understand not everyone agrees that we need an identity change but as for me the last 15 yrs have been great w nazzy and Sedins being are leaders and ergo making our team identity what it's been. However with the new management and young draftees, I look forward to the Canucks having a new identity and new leaders. Who know it might bring us a cup or 2
  14. Yes those guys were key parts to Stanley cups but you tell me what the team identity is of those blackhawks, kings and bruins team. Remember the Blackhawk days when byfuglien Ladd Bolland and Brouwer would spank us around. Skilled players are needed but identity cannot be finesse and soft like what the Canucks identity has been for the last 15 yrs
  15. And as I've stated plenty of time in this thread I 100% agree with bennings vision. Pretty Much what this thread is about. Bennings wants our future identity to be grit, skilled, meat and Potatoes. He knows finesse is valuable but he is not going to build a core around it. He will make finesse secondary which is the opposite of our team now. Look at his 1st 3 draft picks. Virtanen over ehelers and nylander mccann over pastrnak and ho sang. Treyamkin.