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  1. So I got quite a bit of heat from here some months ago in saying how the Canucks are the least improved team of the North/Canadian division. And many people here made arguments in why I was wrong. I just listened to an audio clip in TSN 1040 where they said many hockey experts, analysists, and the media were polled on predicting the final standings in the North Division and which team improved the most and least. Seems like the result is that the Canucks were the least improved of all the teams in the Canadian division and predict they will miss the playoffs. Rey Ferraro had Vancouver as the 2nd least improved team in the division, which is already better than the consensus and the overall predictions seems to be Toronto Montreal Calgary Edmonton Vancouver Winnipeg Ottawa So I hate to say I was right, I really don't, but I guess I was.
  2. I am not sure what you mean by this exactly but if it means how engaged NBA players are politically. Let's put it this way a lot of NBA stars stepped up in speaking out against racism and supported the BLM movement. And they also helped with the infrastructure in making more people go out and vote. This resulted in one of the highest voting turn outs in US election history. Regardless what side of the political side you are, having more people engaged in the election process is a good thing and the influence of NBA players was instrumental in this. Now there are things I am not a fan of in the NBA. Like players having too much leverage over the teams, but I don't think it should be like the NFL either where it's the other way around. I think there should be more balance. And I was also disappointed how the NBA (players, execs, team, and the league) responded to the whole Hong Kong / China situation and it made them look hypocritical. But there's no denying the positive impact they have within the community especially for disenfranchised minorities in the United States.
  3. Komarov is interesting. I hear about him quite a lot, surprised if he doesn't get claimed.
  4. Exactly, I think when you are young and have too much money too soon its really hard to have self control. I think most of us splurged when we had our first few paychecks but decided to start saving as time went by. Unfortunately for, young athletes, there's just a feeling the money will keep coming in until the spending spirals under control. I think some or even most of us would have done the same.
  5. He will be 34 by the time the contract is up. So my guess is that he's going to get one more contract after that. Like a 2 year deal.
  6. I think what will be taught in high school is pretty insufficient to prepare the real world. NHL prospects get drafted at 18 so that is very young. And to have so much money at a young age probably will lead into some poor financial management decisions. So the question is does the NHL or the NHLPA provide any courses involving Financial management for the players?
  7. Worried about bridge deals. Makes me feel players don't want to stay in the team long term. Id be more comfortable in deals like MacKinnon or Patrick Kane signed after their ELC
  8. On the Oilers perspective the Lucic trade did have value. He was pretty good in his first year with the Oilers. And then eventually flipped Lucic for James Neal who looks like he's going to be a 60 pt player for them.
  9. Question ... when the banner of the Division Champs are raised will they also include the sponsor in the banner? I am disappointed ... I was thinking that they change the name of division based on the sponsors. Who doesn't want to call a division "The Bud Light Division" ?
  10. So Intangible that he's has 4 different teams in less than 3 complete season. I get it he's great in the locker room but the value some people had in his "intangibles" was blown way out of proportion.
  11. If he gets a one year contract then that would be great. Though my only concern is if he decides not to play again. Understandable considering the circumstances but still a risk for the team.
  12. Didn't realize he was a FA. I would have wanted him to sign with Vancouver for a year but I guess travel restrictions between US and Canada might not have made that possible
  13. 20+ point defenseman ... 2 million a year is a good deal I think.