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  1. I mean they did stay in the Western Conference for longer than they did so they did take one for the league
  2. Yeah I know the game you are speaking off. But it shows both how good Tampa is and how fragile the Red Wings are. So by all accounts it's a team the Canucks should have beaten with the roster they had.
  3. I didn't say they did Please quote me where I said that before calling my a Troll.
  4. As for Boeser, Motte, and Sutter. The Canucks shouldn't be missing these three enough that they can't beat Detroit w/o them. Tampa or Colorado perhaps but not Detroit. As for Hamonic, I have already accepted that he's probably not returning this season. And even if he did, he would be likely be so rusty that Canucks wouldn't get the best out of Hamonic anyways. Besides even all these four are back, injuries are bound to happen with this team. So if losing 3 or 4 people due to injury means Canucks cannot beat a bottom feeding team then it's going to be a long season then.
  5. Sorry to say but losing in regulation to a bottom feeding team is not promising for the team's playoff chances. Also to add in the game against the Flyers 3 out of the 4 goals were lucky bounces. I am still not optimistic about this team to be honest.
  6. Quebec after one of the American teams that have already won a cup relocates
  7. Maybe the idea is that it's something the Canucks can learn from
  8. McAvoy is a near franchise defenseman at the prime of his career. OEL can still be a very good d-man but his best days are behind him and still has a lot of years left on it.
  9. Not holding on to a 2 goal lead in less than 3 mins in regulation? Feels like an Oiler or Tortz coached Canucks thing to do.
  10. I guess eventually after a long successful run and giving away picks to stay competitive (and multiple Stanley Cups to show for it), it would be inevitable for any team to decline. But during that period Holland not only found his superstar players in the later round but also found good complementary pieces in later rounds to stay competitive. Some of the later examples include Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar but that's just a small sample set of a long list of successfully drafting in the later rounds. About Benning you are right we have to wait how the later rounds will pan out. But right now he's struck out on Lind, Gadjovich, and failed to develop Gaudette in the system despite hockey pundits being very high on him.
  11. It's not that though yes the NHL ready and near NHL ready players from Benning have mostly panned out. But drafting and developing successfully I'm the later rounds and the undrafted is what builds depth. The same depth cup winning teams have.
  12. It's not a so much as an excuse but something that could happen. Remember Nylanders slow start that one season
  13. Don't worry Gillis made it up with Brendan Gaunce though looking at the draft class William Karlsson would have looked good in Vancouver right about now
  14. Pettersson missed most of last season and missed training camp. I say he gets off on a slow start but picks it up later in the season where he tears it up so 71 to 75 pts.
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