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  1. Did any of those GM's also give up a high 2nd a 1st round prospect? They took in money they had space for but at least, for them, it wasn't a swing and a miss.
  2. To be fair almost half of his earnings was from the contract he signed with Benning. And it's not that hard for any agent to out negotiate Benning. So yeah I'm happy Gudbransson is set for life from outsmarting Benning. But this is Benning were talking about
  3. If I remember correctly ... according to reports then GM Dale Tallon approached Benning first to offer Gudbransson before making him publicly available. My personal guess is Tallon knew Benning was a sucker for overpaying for "meat and potatoe Intangibles" so he went to Benning first knowing Tallon would get a king's ransom and putting Gudbransson on the trade block would have other more sensible GM's offer much less thus lowering the trade value.
  4. I feel deflated to at this point I am just going to follow this philosophy ...
  5. But but but but ... Sutter is a foundational piece and has the intangibles that will help any team be competitive
  6. I think a C+ is too generous. I would actually give him a C- but then again a C- is actually good for Benning's standards. But his in ability to move either Sutter is inexcusable.
  7. Except Pearson has less than half the point production.
  8. 2 of those goals were against a fragile Oilers team. So I don't really count those goals
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