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  1. Canucks should have picked him over Virtanen if Benning wanted size.
  2. He could still go to a contender if the King's are out of it by the trade deadline.
  3. Well not much perfect but everything going right and clicking at the same time In the 2019 - 2020 season everything went right . Tanev didn't get hurt, Markstrom was playing out of his mind, Hughes was having a Rookie of the year caliber year, Pettersson took a step forward, Pearson and Miller were basically having career years, and even Eriksson was useful in the 2nd line And despite that Canucks were probably a bubble playoff team at best if they played a full 82 game season
  4. They could be a 100 point team but everything has to go absolutely right for this to happen. Garland living to his potential, OEL bouncing back, injury free Sutter, and Hamonic being even better than he was last season. Not to mention Boeser and Demko matching their performance the previous year and Pettersson and Hughes taking another step forward
  5. Canucks sure are different but I can't say they are a playoff team yet. Halak looks good on paper but the Canucks signings former Bruins players has been quite a bust Schaller, Bartkowski, and Eriksson so I'm not convinced Halak is going to be better than Holtby. The reports about OEL from the Arizona media also has cause of concern. Poolman's term and money is too high for a player with limited offensive abilities and if he was brought in as a defensive defenseman, look at how much Bogosian's contact with Tampa in comparison. And Luke Schenn and Brandon Su
  6. Controversy aside Hoffman is still a darn good player with a pretty good deal
  7. Kind of valid though that 4 year term is what came back to bite Vancouver last off season. And with the flat cap the next few years it's going to pose a bigger risk
  8. Let's be fair the folks in Sportsnet 650 has made similar concerns that this is an overpayment in terms of term and/or money
  9. Go back to the thread of Hamonic open to signing outside Western Canada. The people there didn't want him going over 1.5 much less 3
  10. Hmmm I thought people here didn't want to resign Hamonic for more than 1.5 million
  11. Yzermam is the most resourceful GMs out there. His extensions for Kucherov, Hedman, and Stamkos are works of genius. And his drafting and trades are pretty spotless as far record goes. He's basically an A+ GM in all the fields that matter. So yeah I can see him turning it around in Detroit quickly
  12. It was a good plan. Make some bad moves in the 2020 off season and try to address them the next off season to look like a genius. He's basically Mysterio in Spider-Man Far From Home. Create you own chaos and fix it to look like a hero
  13. He's a good #3 and #4 when he has enthusiasm but it's obvious left all his enthusiasm in Vegas
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