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  1. awww guys. me love you long time. great pics! and dito gi, i thought thered be plenty of sob with the hands in the air
  2. damn this thread has barely been touched lately, wheres all the playoff pics =(
  3. Don't worry I know you are. The guy's so multi-talented it's not even funny. I wish he got some more exposure to North America though, we're lacking a true music star like him over here

  4. hahaha jk. my girlfriend is absolutely obsessed with him...

    his olympic song is nice though, one world one dream? =P

  5. Don't be dissing Leehom, dawg

  6. finally!!! whered these pics come from?!? thanks!
  7. whyyyyyy thank you very much kind sir! i love them just as much as well!!! =P

  8. your sig makes me go xD every time i see it, please don't change it ever. =D

  9. how embarrasing. man from screaming face shots to monkey comparisons, now an arm into the face!!! :lol:
  10. Haha awesome entry Ryan! I was watching a podcast awhile ago about people you admire (I think) and its crazy how much you know, the books you read etc. It's stories like the one you posted which lets us fans get to know our team better, so thanks a lot! Stop hurting yourself and back on the ice asap!!!
  11. hahaha youre too kinda good sir. thanks =P

  12. loved the sig man LMFAO

  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:ahahaahahaahahhaahaah1!!!! oh god! good one! i thought that that nose looked familiar!!! hahaha +1 =)
  14. then you tell that lady to roll her rude a$s out. i absolutely can not believe that. even the scouts i took to the memorial at grandview were more respectful then that hag. on the bright side, while i was watching news, and i noticed it too, its great that remembrance day is starting to become more engraved into our minds, especially the younger generation, and that they know what this day is all about. that way, remembrance day wont be seen as just a "day off from school" as it has been thus far.
  15. LOL wtf!? hope you still didnt do it... anyway did anyone see those 5 ghetto war planes flying around? that was a great image as they flew over where i was (At grandview parks ceremony) right at 11. was amazing!