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  1. Yes. this is a discussion forum. I think the "hypothesis" has been soundly refuted....both logically and with..dare I say...common sense. Unfortunately some people seem to have neither a grasp of logic, nor common sense.
  2. me....sarcastic ? nooooo, come on, we're all friends here I just thought I'd offer up an even more betterer alternative plausible scientific theory that's pretty much unrefutable, not unlike your own : ) if anyone disagrees with my Benning / Lottery Ping Pong Ball conspiracy, Ima call Trump and he'll build a wall around them....we're pretty tight.
  3.'s totally not, not in the least.....totally implausible, yes the two are mutually exclusive.....Granlund was part of this team before we knew how badly we'd fall in the standings....he was a part of the puzzle way before any possible hi draft Finns came into the picture. He was signed because Benning already went out on a limb and got a cheap 2yr review of him tidied away......nothing to do with the draft. I realize you are trying to have fun and enjoy the off-season....but just stop defending a silly theory. It's ok (what's Beyoncé ? )
  4. In order for this theory to have even a pinky toenail based in logical reality, one very important thing must be true... Benning would have to have received personal assurance from the LOTTERY PING PONG BALLS that we will have a top 3 pick. I suppose there could be another scenario. Maybe Benning allowed Granlund, a player still trying to prove his NHL worthiness, to bully him into an early signing with one condition...Benning must draft a Finn. So Benning gives in and takes the deal, I mean, it's Granlund we're talking about, he had no choice but to get him signed, right ? I suppose it's not so far fetched, I mean we all saw how another great player like Granlund was able to steer the ship during his tenure with the Canucks...Capt.Mark Messier If, on the other hand, Benning has not been communicating with the LOTTERY PING PONG BALLS perhaps it's far more likely, say 99% (reserve 1% in case Benning is actually insane), that a deal with Granlund was reached because, I don't know, both sides were on the same page and it was easy ? Something dead simple to get done and filed away, allowing both sides to focus on the off-season maybe ? Maybe Granlund realizes he needs this opportunity with the Canucks and was motivated to get a deal done and it has absolutely nothing to do with who the Canucks draft ? But, I suppose I could be wrong..maybe our GM does makes hockey decisions based on his close, personal relationship....with ping pong balls.
  5. Pretty sure that's what I said... "which has netted us nothing more than an 11.5% chance to pick first" ; ) But I agree, speculation based on a conviction that the 3rd pick is a foregone conclusion is a pointless exercise. These types of theoretical discussions serve no purpose until after the lottery.
  6. We do not currently have the 3rd've made it sound like the lottery has already taken place and we pick third. We had the 3rd worst point total in the league...which has netted us nothing more than an 11.5% chance to pick first It's fine to post a theory..however implausible and simplistic it may be...but be prepared to accept critique. You put it out there for discussion. Your juvenile, and frankly hostile, reaction to the dismissal of your theory will do little to gain you respect or give your thoughts credibility in the eyes of board members.
  7. dealing with it just fine NorCal....and stand by it. Vancouver....actually, the west in a pool of apologist diarreha Let's make the jersey 50% gray, no numbers or player names....then nobody get's offended.
  8. It's crystal clear what I with it buttercup
  9. Stick in Rink is the only one of the bunch that has any classic NHL credibility.....Boston, Leafs, Habs, Detroit, Philly, Chicago etc....they've all stuck to their matter how bad they've been, no matter how long the losing streaks are, they still scream legit NHL. Stick in it and never change again. Orca.....what a crappy vomit mess of political / cultural correctness
  10. Fair enough..and hard to argue the point. But I still firmly believe that no amount of leadership or accountability will ever make the Sedins effective playoff performers. You could put Scotty Bowman behind the bench with Babcock and Robinson assisting and the result would be the same....broken cycle vanishing act. If this core stays same it won't make a bit of difference how accountable the players hold themselves to goals is still no goals.
  11. while I feel every aspect of the teams poor performance should be examined and addressed....I would think the craptacular PP and largely invisible top six should be cause for far greater concern than how cocky Bieksa is.
  12. thank you never mind that the pics could have been taken within minutes of each other...but consider the fact that THIS THREAD SUCKS
  13. I made my peace with Burrows falling on his face a long time ago. Everything else he brings to that table more than makes up for it.