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  1. NHL 15 Same as NHL 14 on Current-Gen

    The servers for NHL games stay up for 3 years from when they are launched. So the year the game is new, and the 2 following years. The quality of the servers usually sucks though
  2. NHL 15 Same as NHL 14 on Current-Gen

    While 04 was a great game for it's time if you genuinely think EA hasn't done anything to improve on the series since then you must be blind...
  3. NHL 15 Thread

    It's looking more and more like EASHL won't be in the nextgen games for 15
  4. [Rumour] Dustin Penner to sign with Zug

    This could be good for his career if he actually does things right. He should get top line minutes there and doesn't have to play with the pressure that comes from playing in the NHL. If he spent a year refining his game and working on his fitness he could come back after and turn back into a really good player again.
  5. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

    His endurance isn't that bad... Due to his size and weight it takes a considerable amount more energy to move his giant ass up a mountain compared to an average sized person. Which is also a completely different type of activity when compared to skating.
  6. [Signing] Wild resign Jason Zucker

    Hes a winger...
  7. [Report] Burrows' Said No To Waiving NTC

    So you think Burrows is going to post 35+ goals and 67+ points? lol
  8. Surprise for Kesler and Bonino

    Klatt was on the downswing of his career when he played with the Sedins. The Sedins also weren't nearly the players they are today either when they played with him. King posted his only decent season in the NHL playing with them. He has done absolutely nothing without them and could never crack the NHL otherwise. Naslund and Bertuzzi weren't the same players that everyone knew them as by the time they spent some time with the Sedins and were never really regular linemates (except for one season for Naslund) of the twins. Samuelsson and Pyatt did very little with them? Pyatt posted career highs in points and goals with the Twins... Samuelsson had career highs in points and goals while playing in Vancouver as well. Half the people you said didn't have much success with them had career years and the other half played with them before they were fully developed lol
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few players grab Giroux's ass out on the ice this year as a joke
  10. Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi Lawsuit Settled

    And you just over exaggerated how for I did take it back. Sure, he had no legal obligation to turn around and fight, but as someone that cheapshotted that teams captain and knew they wanted retribution it seems like a pretty stupid idea to skate around like you're 100% safe on the ice and ignore TWO different players who both wanted to fight. Especially when one of them is a huge player known for doing stupid things. Also I liked how you brought up benching Bertuzzi lol if anything Granato should be benched Moore instead of parading him infront a Canucks team that was down 8-2 and looking to at least get something out of the game (retribution on Moore). In the end it is entirely Bertuzzi's fault for sucker punching him though.
  11. Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi Lawsuit Settled

    Would anything have happened if Moore turned around and stood up for himself?
  12. [Signing] Canucks sign Radim Vrbata

    so much wrong with this post 1. The Sedins are making 7 mil per season. 2. Ryan Miller is the #1 signing at 6 mil per year 3. That "spare part" finished with more points than anyone on the Canucks last year and can actually score in a shootout. Whats the worst that happens with this deal? It doesn't work out and he requests a trade where we get assets for nothing? He sticks out his contract and if we aren't in a playoff position at the end of year two we flip him at the deadline for free assets? The Canucks desperately needed a top-six winger and this deal is pretty good market value for a short term contract.
  13. Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi Lawsuit Settled

    Anyone that says Moores hit on Naslund was a "hockey play" clearly didn't watch it. Moore chops the puck that Naslund was reaching for away before going in and elbowing him in the head. That is not a hockey play, it's a deliberate attempt to injure the star player of the other team. Naslund never touched the puck and the last person that did touch it was Moore with his chop. Right before Moore broke his neck he had Sean Pronger and Bertuzzi both attempt to engage him and start a fight, but he declined and skated away both times. I am not advocating what Bertuzzi did to him but Moore was being gutless by not accepting a fight with either player. If he fought one of them there then his neck wouldn't have been broken and at worst he likely would have wound up with some bruises on his face. Instead he continued to skate around like he was completely oblivious to what he did to Naslund and the retribution the Canucks were clearly trying to get on him. He acted stupid and someone did something even more stupid to him. Granato is also a dumbass for playing Moore at all for the rest of that game.
  14. over 1 mil for a guy who has 18 NHL games on his resume with just 5 points? He hasn't proven anything yet
  15. It looks like Benning already has a good reputation amongst the other GM's unlike Gillis. So why would he screw that up by offersheeting a player? Much less a player that you would probably have to pay 7+ mil to actually get...