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  1. It's looking more and more like EASHL won't be in the nextgen games for 15
  2. His endurance isn't that bad... Due to his size and weight it takes a considerable amount more energy to move his giant ass up a mountain compared to an average sized person. Which is also a completely different type of activity when compared to skating.
  3. talk about having an inside source...
  4. No, Mike Richards crushed him a huge blindside hit and it was one of the main examples used for getting the blindside rule set up
  5. and every scrub that thinks they are a goalie would play 6'9 and sit in butterfly on the goal line while jamming the RS left and right like last year
  6. Goaltending is pretty much the same as last year In the first category of attributes pump up your glove/blocker/5hole. pokechecking and angles are pointless In the second category pump up rebound control and shot recovery. If you have a low card at goalie put a bit more into shot recovery, if you have a higher card bump up rebound control. The third category is where you can really ruin your goalie. IMO the most important attribute here is vision so crank that up pretty high. After that all you're really left with is speed and agility. Don't put your agility up over 75 or 80 because it makes your goalie flop like a fish and do all sorts of desperation saves at bad times. The rest of your points should be put into speed and anything left over I put into aggressiveness.
  7. lol... they will be completely different games PS4 NHL sounds like it will be a almost a brand new game while the PS3 one will be NHL14 with a roster update and they will probably somehow make the menus worse/slower to navigate
  8. That is literally the last thing I care about for 15 They need to sort out all the gameplay problems first and make the game skill-based again instead of a game that panders to casual players
  9. It's no fun playing with 3 guests that can't lock into positions
  10. Daniel Sedin and Kevin Bieksa are available
  11. I sent a request for Vancouver gt is oGEISSo
  12. season 3 of metalocalypse starts sunday!
  13. CDC is outsourcing facebook

  14. Lundqvist