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  1. Makar/Heiskanen------Werenski/Jones------Hughes. Just sayin At least two of those players are a shade overpaid and at least one of those players is not going to be getting anywhere near that insane amount for their next contract because they're not on the same level defensively
  2. Just to clarify, having lived in California and lived in the US for a number of years. Oregon and Washington, and large parts of California have populations of rednecks and right wing lunatics that make the average hot blooded anti Trudeau Albertan look like a BLM protesting leftist by comparison. I mean if we're picking and choosing I'm ok with essentially the entire coastline plus 100 km inland and that's about it. Plus, the cities of Seattle/tacoma Portland and the Bay area alone are holding populations larger than the entire population of BC and in fact
  3. He's all hat and no cattle. He's literally Ranch Dressing....
  4. Can someone send us an update from HF Canucks land.


    I'd love to know how their collective mental health is doing with all these amazingly low cost short term contracts from "Benning" as they call him.

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Try the Poolman thread.

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      If the signings aren't superstars at league minimum with no trade protection, and the team somehow acquires picks in the process...haters gonna hate.


      ...probably still would find some misguided way to hate.

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      We should send a few operatives in there.. but I'd like air-cover. There'd also better be a land/sea exit strategy. We don't want this turnin' into another F***in' Bay of Pigs!

  5. 2x cup winning champ that looked after our Huggy bear for less than a million for 2 seasons? How do you do it Jimmy
  6. Wasted NO time on this. Hoping this means he's coming to Abbotsford and we'll monitor his development
  7. I really enjoy this. Quality leader for Abby and great call up depth option
  8. Another player I know little to nothing about. Seems like he can skate well though. Bit of a mean streak to him. Nice low cost signing. Time will tell!
  9. I like this deal a lot. Still not super keen on Poolman at 2.5 for 4 years because I don't know anything about him. But I like this
  10. $2.5 million a year..4 years.....for a bottom pairing D? I'm not sure I like this at all. I don't know enough about this player but it's almost entirely underwhelming to give him that term and money when days ago Schenn was coming for near league minimum by the rumours. Guess time will tell....
  11. Harper gave over $110 billion away in one shot to companies that didn't have to pay much of it back post 2008...the loan that was not a loan as it was. He was the highest spending PM bar none without a serious war or emergency and he slashed essential spending everywhere to make up for it leaving future governments to be forced to increase spending to make up for it. Look at ANY small town right now, the homelessness, vagrancy, lack of affordable housing and mental health/addiction support. That didn't magically start in 2015, it took over a decade to exacerbate. That's HIS to o
  12. I dunno, Benning did ok...not well bu ok. Loving what CBJ did, Minny not bad either.
  13. So to clarify. Schmidt, nixed a trade earlier to the jets by reports. But changed his mind. Evidently the idea of staying in vancouver was literally that unappealing to him that he waived to go to the Jets in the end. What happened to make him change his mind or hate this city/team so much I wonder?
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