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  1. Maybe we hope Yurov doesn't have a monster world jrs and we poach him with a surprise pick
  2. Those numbers seem to have basically stayed static between 650 and 800 for weeks
  3. It is supposed to be a nation of laws. if they do NOT hold Bannon to that for ignoring the summons then they have no power over anyone else on the Jan 6th issue
  4. After losing Jonah and Zach it leaves the big club without call up grit and the Abby club without any forward toughness to speak of. While it might not have affected the big club in any way, in a division where we face the Flames, Sharts, Kings, Knights and Ducks consistently where the biggest issue the team has had since our 2011 loss is team toughness it kinda hurts watching us just lose those two for literally nothing.
  5. Lol, yes. I 100% disagree with them and their statements and actions. But the meat of the matter Lancaster brought up was the difference between Japan and Canada and how the respective populations are handling things. That poster is not incorrect at all and it's actually eye opening because we ARE in fact that polarized along party/political/health lines. We've literally decided to sit in armed camps of self righteousness and dictate who is right who is wrong based off of our opinions or the "science" and anyone astride the middle is wrong, anyone not in our camp is ignorant etc. There's no more room for debate and that's a pretty important thing for people to start looking at because at some point this virus will be put under wraps but the damage to the actual identity of the populace and our further move towards Americanism in our attitudes will continue
  6. I think you missed his point then if that's your takeaway
  7. Holy crap is this ever something to consider. This is a well aimed needle at the balloon of self self assurance people feel believing that their side is right and anyone else is wrong. The end result of partisanship divides. I hope more people actually read this and understand your meaning behind it.
  8. There's a post about a woman in plain blue scrubs online about calling them heroes one week then firing them the next Someone found out she's an admin assistant in an insurance office and had purchased the scrubs to go to a rally. It's beyond easy to create a fake misleading photo and allow people to draw their own conclusions from it. Confirmation bias is real; but adding a visual to it allows them to really push it home
  9. I have no words. They never even gave him a real chance. I hope he puts it together somewhere but also hope he doesn't make the team regret this. Coulda traded him for Gadjovich I mean....
  10. See now i'm on a tear. Went to Legend's Distilling today in naramata for a tasting, came home with Doctor's Orders gin and Wyatt Whiskey. Honestly, shockingly good whiskey. Always stay close to home and all https://www.legenddistilling.com/shop/p/wyatt-whisky
  11. Won't end with these attitudes
  12. Just came back from San Francisco over the weekend, brought back a bottle of Suntory Hibiki 17. I am comparing that with a bottle of Nikka Barrel aged I was gifted from a client. 2 fingers neat and both are just so smooth. I kinda missed having a snifter after hours and totally get why people enjoy it
  13. Me too lol. Have been enjoying watching this be a still consistent entry attempt every pre season game It's almost as enjoyable as the 2 minute pp 37 second passing without shooting to confuse the opposition before losing control of the puck special teams we've seen
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