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  1. Which part? The open nazi ideology The "salutes" The references to white is right or else The worshipping of a Golden idol Or any of the rest....it's insane what happened
  2. I really don't even know who the guy who replied to that tweet was, let alone what kind of Insider knowledge he would have. Seems like it's just a guy that replied to a tweet with about as much substance as the original rumor
  3. Here's my issue with this and only mine. I believe over time Hughes will get bigger and stronger and thus better defensively. But during the entire tenure of the Sedins we chased those two items. Puck moving defenseman and top 6 left winger. 10+ years we looked and couldn't find one. Now we have one, potentially have his partner in the AHL or prospect pool and this year have a chance at a quality top pick, in a year where we will be freeing up a decent amount of cap under a depressed league wide economy meaning bargain contracts. If Hughes was ever to be moved we're looking at years down the line not today or this season imo. Too much addition by subtraction as it was for my liking
  4. So...how would you about trading, I dunno... Quinn Hughes to say...LA *Just busting your chops a bit no harm intended*
  5. I do quite understand. If you mythical magical scenario pans out you're trading Hughes for Byfield because he's the next big thing but we also magically end up with a potential 1st overall or so and draft the consensus #1 d man in this years draft and HOPE he becomes the offensive player hughes is but also has some sort of defensive accumen thus ensuring we having another 2+ years of waiting for....everything to magically work out? I more than understand which is why this is so laughable. Trading a near PPG defenseman claiming he has major defensive issues for a "sure thing" in Byfield who has never ever played an NHL game and is a -8 on an AHL team is just ridiculous. Look I get it. I really do because i've suggested things just like this in the past but in this instance I'm not even remotely entertaining the idea of trading Hughes There are no guarantees and there are no absolutes but I absolutely guarantee if you asked LA if they'd do a 1-1 of Hughes for Byfield they'd take it and giggle
  6. Again, my request would be so over the top that nobody would consider it. But yes, people have in fact suggested trading Quinn Hughes for futures and maybes so I have to see what people genuinely think is possible for him because i can't wrap my head around the idea of trading him at all
  7. Yup. It's like they're not even trying to hide it anymore. There's a hundred conspiracy theories about dems and fake snow and scientists etc. But this is blatant and right in your face and "oh it's just a coincidence"
  8. OK so preface this by saying i would never consider trading him but have now seen numerous posts about trading him So let's just out it. What is his value? For me Two 1sts, not protected top tier rookie quality young player quality roster player They are taking back a contract like Eriksson Your valuation for what he;'d command?
  9. Right? Wait though, not just trading Hughes. Trading him for MAYBE a potential player and MAYBE a potentially high pick this year too
  10. I dont see any on the shelf of McDavid or Matthews or Draisatl either and we'd all give the farm for any of them
  11. your big power forward is playing for the ontario reign 8 games 4 points -8 Everything you're saying is predicated on hopes and prayers....wishes and fishes. LA would be silly to lose him? Thank god, let's not entertain this then
  12. You can draft a byfield easier than you can draft a hughes Why not just draft a byfield this year