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  1. Maybe you can volunteer for duty, or your kids. NO? Didn't think so NATO stopped being an effective world power as per their original mission the moment they invaded nations outside of the atlantic theater so why dump more money in to it?
  2. Top line minutes. Top line time. Top PK mins Against a mediocre division at best. Even on a bad team He's a 52.3 point per season player.... What do I see for that? a top 10 or better 1st, solid prospect, roster player MAKE THE TRADE WTF people.... He's a gamer sure, but he's not worth the valuations people keep throwing out especially when his contract is up at the end of 2021 https://www.capfriendly.com/players/sam-reinhart
  3. So the definition of meh in the top 10 for our team needs
  4. So many drafts I see have the nucks picking Lucius... Sell me on him
  5. This is the issue entirely The Bloc: Might have an ineffective leader, but some of the smartest MPs in the country are actually in their party. Their party has some seriously repugnant individuals as wel but look at some of the resumes on their highest ranking people. Will never make power but have some of the more credible MPs for their name The Cons: O'Toole is not a leader. He has already proven he is far to reactive, has allowed the social voice to strong arm him and has already flip flopped on no less than 7 or 8 major issues. Party has maybe one or two credi
  6. If we had the 1st overall...I'd consider dangling it to Buffallo for Reinhadrt and their 1st. Hell I'd even try asking for Dahlin and next years first
  7. THIS is the year to trade it back. Find another team with a top 10 pick and trade them the #1 overall a pick next year and a top tier prospect . Beniers might be the best overall player right now but.... This is about the only year in draft history where the 12th player selected could easily have been the #1 overall based on the last two years. So if we win the 1st overall...you dangle that bad boy and reap a random happy surprise
  8. If you look, the last few federal CPC conventions were stacked like STACKED with social conservative groups who essentially have been dictating party policy and who will be new candidates in the party. 1/3 of the entire convention were sent from registered social conservative type entities in order to outright steer the party where they wanted. They even went so far as to tell O'Toole vote our way and for our mandate or we're staying home next election. That is sadly a huge, like very huge base of people in rural quebec, alberta, sask and ontario..... It's
  9. My best friend was born with osteo arthritis. She's a fine gal and took massive doses of steroids as a teen to mitigate it. After her first shot she noticed all the familiar symptoms she had successfully mitigated through a strong regime of steroidal treatments. For the first time in over 20 years she is having to reenter that therapy and is now a clinical case study as they've noticed that suppressed cases like that are coming back. She's a one off group though and they're testing her fairly steadily to pinpoint whether or not it was in fact due to the shot (haven't
  10. 'But this team has something to prove' haha Happens. We've seen it. If I remember we actually blew the Virtanen draft by pulling a decent last 10 games out of the season
  11. Sure we do, look at how many playoff games he's lead buffalo too. Good player, not great. Not generational. Not PPG, game breaker or worth his $10 million contract. I'd value Marner higher honestly. Injuries, suggested attitude or entitlement issues and not even a ppg player. Not worth a 1st overall. If anyone on that team is worth prying away it's Dahlin and he's got higher value in a trade than Eichel
  12. Kinda overvaluing things here some people are. Eichel is injured, not just a little like scarily. That disk issue is a potential killer Eichel is owed $10 million guaranteed in a covid cap era. 2 new TV deals a new team and the cap still looks to be near flat A number of players having left the Sabres made comments about a common denominator being a serious issue with the team With all that in mind Eichel is worth maybe a high 1st, a decent prospect and a quality roster player but sure as hell isn't worth what a lot of people seem to think he might be. Dahlin, after th
  13. If you've noticed their arguments. NONE of them are ever about other people, only themselves. The selfish never think of others
  14. I won't be afraid of a virus with a 2% mortality rate I might never ever catch You can't ask me to risk taking a vaccine with a vastly smaller chance of issue than the virus I claim i'm not afraid of....
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