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  1. Ben Hutton Talk

    Also should note, Patrick McNally is also nominated.
  2. NHL 15 Thread

    Always been in the game. Artificial momentum is a classic factor within NHL and has always been there.
  3. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Under used? Clearly you didn't see the ridiculous amount of top six minutes he got, in addition to his unearned PP time. Torts loved him just of his work ethic. He's shown to prove that he isn't a top six forward. Or, at least not on a playoff contending team...
  4. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Kassian on the fourth line can't/won't happen. And time for Hansen to slide down the lineup with those stone hands.
  5. Bo Horvat Talk

    Do you mind posting the list if possible?
  6. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Really excited to see what he can do in Utica next year. Going to be fun watching that team.
  7. Not the way to create a non existent 2nd line.
  8. Vrbata as a scorer was an example. Right now a mentor isn't what will make this team play in the playoffs or improve long term. Guys alike Matt Moulson being signed long term is exactly what these team needs. We have a non existent 2nd line hole that needs to be filled long term and a mentor is the last thing needed right now.
  9. I just don't see the logic in going after a older veteran over a guy like Matt Moulson, Vrbata, etc. We need scoring that will last longer than two years and not at the end of their careers. This year is going to be abysmal with what were going after so far.
  10. Xbox One Thread

    Pretty frustrating for big baseball fans, though. definitely beats any 2K game on Xbox. Still, not like people buy a PS for the baseball games, so you would think they would sell the rights to an Xbox studio for royalties.
  11. Xbox One Thread

    What an awful idea for a sports game by whoever developed this game (unless sony owns the studio). Missing a whole sector of the market. Sales could easily double. Been wanting to play a great MLB on Xbox for way too long, as I felt the 2K really lacked a lot. Last decent one, but not even realistic, was The Bigs.
  12. Xbox One Thread

    Do they plan on making MLB 14 The Show for One?
  13. Ronalds Kenins | LW/RW

    Basing all of that off of highlight video from Youtube...? Extremely unlikely he even comes close to making the team next year. He will get time in the AHL and see where it takes him.
  14. Shapheat FHL [2015-16] - ENTRY DRAFT SUNDAY 9AM PST

    Doesn't even seem like any one here even shaps
  15. Ronalds Kenins | LW/RW

    Just gotta bring him to training camp and see what he's got. Likely will end up in AHL, but I think it's more about how long it takes for them to send him down.