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  1. Metallica's battery.
  2. Back in 06 after the finals between Carolina and Edmonton. Hemsky was another guy My god I've been browsing these boards for over 10 years...
  3. Pathetic coach relying on the vets to save his 100% doomed job
  4. How do you not have horvat on the ice? In fact why not granlund either? Edler and Sutter instead... pathetic willie
  5. #1000 against bobby Lou. Best possible outcome
  6. I'd have subban on the 4th line just for the power play. Can still get shifts and then work on defence in practice. May even benefit more from being a winger in the long run anyway
  7. 4-2 Canucks 28 shots
  8. Only would've taken laine and Matthews over him
  9. Had 7 shots on net so seemed to be trying to make something happen
  10. Looks like Huttons the certified G and bonafide stud. And you can't teach that !
  11. All you tank people realize that a rebuild like the leafs and oilers would pretty much send the Canucks to another city right? Too many fair weather fans to have half full arenas after runs of futility or tanking like that. All for a 15-20% chance to draft someone of that caliber
  12. 3-2 Canucks daniel with the first
  13. If you don't mind random people then destinylfg is a good place to go. Most people are laid back. Can do pretty much anything with that
  14. They've done it on every goal at home so far