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  1. Except the Valley is not composted of sediment at all. Surrey is built upon a plateau, Abbotsford is too far away, Langley is inland and far away, I don't know anything about Delta but it is probably on sturdy ground. Also, the major population centers in the valley aren't right by the river, it's more inland. Also, buildings in the Valley are newer. If you're talking about Ladner then yeah you can say the ground is loose but where most of the Valley's population live it is very solid ground.
  2. The waves will propagate and hit the east coast, if it is as big as its supposed to be, Victoria is fracked.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, foreshocks are usually relative to the size of the earthquake. The 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake had a 7.3 forshock in 2002. Also, the most destructive types of Earthquakes are megathrust (like the one in Japan this year) which is what the big one will be. It depends on where you live really, Richmond should be worried about drowning, Vancouver should be worried about crumbling and the valley should be worried about suffocating from Mt. Baker erupting.
  4. Which means it is nothing! Magnitude doesn't mean much, it is all about depth. An earthquake with a depth of 35 km could be a 8.0+ and it still would do less (a lot less actually) than something like a 6.0 500 meters under ground.
  5. This just in: 3DS is bad. If I want to play N64 I'll just play N64.
  6. Uh, sort of worried that armor has been streamlined into one full peice for legs/chest.
  7. Oh god the internet is crashing.
  8. That's wrong though. 7th in recorded history.
  9. This isn't going to be anywhere near the number of casualties he listed.
  10. No, Japan has tons of tsunamis, they're far more prepared than the countries that were hit in 2004 and this earthquake is a lot weaker than the one that happened in 2004 and is only really affecting one area.
  11. It has a new engine, I doubt you'll be able to do that.
  12. It was described as being in dense jungle when the original team was working on it, the new team changed the lore a lot and I find they made it bland and boring.
  13. I didn't like Oblivion's scenery. Cyrodiil was supposed to be a dense jungle, they changed it for the worse in my opinion. The world was also half the size of Morrowind.
  14. frack. frack frack frack frack. People here do not know hwo to drive in the snow. The basics: Don't go past 60 you psycho fracks that think you can drive in the snow, you're going to kill someone. What you can't see is the worse; black ice kills, not snow. Snow grips, ice sends you into oncoming traffic. Don't slam breaks if the road is icy, you WILL slide, you WILL lose control and you will die. Braking is not safe in icy conditions. People here can't brake normally, barely anyone knows how to gradually stop. The way people brake here and ice means it's better not to brake at all, which means going 20 the whole way if you have to. Switch to '3' on your car and let go of the gas, you'll slow down and then you can hit the brakes when you're going under 10. Be aware of other cars, don't concentrate on only what's infront of you. There's people coming the other way that might spin out. A lot of people here drive only caring about themseles. Don't brake too fast. You might stop but the guy behind you might not. Edit: About UBC, UBC never closes. Never. We had one day where the power was out when the first big snowstorm hit and it was open the next day, even though conditions got worse.