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  1. I don't know why bothers people so much lol, BK I support but not BKI, and the bindy johal sig is a joke

  2. So i dont see whit it cant be racist in this case.

  3. Actually saying "peice of crap turban" can be classified as racism, there have many cases in which saying thing negative or doing something negative to a turban, have been classified as racism, but I guess you know more then judges etc

  4. Is your favorite team Toronto now ?

  5. Oh no bad idea, wouldn't want to get wasted by you in the contest

    Missing you EI food thread

    pce out

  6. Ain't Nothing, I delete my comments, I don't think i want to get into a E-Popularity contest with you, considering you're sooo cool

  7. lol I'm not really a big fan of rock, the last rock song I liked was " I walk this lonely road" something like that lol.

  8. Why do you hate punjabi music ? (Just Asking)

  9. Umm did I say I have anything aganist Aussies ? Learn to read. N ur lil comment, say that in Surrey.

  10. aitee tho I didnt mean anythin negative.