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  1. Yeah I'm not sure about this one. Hawryluk might be a better physical player, but it's unlikely he'll be as offensively strong as Leivo unless he can continue what we saw in Ottawa.
  2. I think we lack the cap space to make it work, unfortunately, even if he signs for something like $1.3M or something. That or JB wants to prioritize another depth d-man, which would also make sense. I do think Leivo could be a very high-value signing for someone though.
  3. Got them all so far, but I did get some real good welts that lasted a week or so.
  4. I rocked the world with my road hockey skills and signed a big contract to play at my church every week, stifling forwards for a living. I was basically the Chris Tanev of floor hockey.
  5. Entirely depends on how he develops this year. If he can't get above a point-per-game, he's probably looking at around $8M. However, his playoffs this past year were superb and if he can carry that into regular season hockey, we might be looking at 100 points for Petey. If that's the case, we're looking closer to the $10M+ mark.
  6. Marleau and Lundvist pop into mind. I didn't think about Canucks, but Edler would be my top pick for that.
  7. I had a dream I was watching a game from next season and there were about 2,000 fans in attendance, all spread out one-by-one, with about 6 seats in between each fan. Weirdly enough, no family groups.

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      do you ever have any non hockey dreams?  do you have hockey puck burgers before bed?

    3. Robert Long

      Robert Long

      was anyone naked? 

    4. -AJ-


      @goalie13 I think it's an accountant thing. 

  8. He's just asking for more than he's worth so he can get a middle amount. It's quite normal. I wouldn't be surprised if Virtanen's camp is asking for $3.7M or something right now.
  9. Just until we know who's taking the actual number, just like we did with Schmidt and Gaudette with #88.
  10. He'll remain in this section until we know if he makes the full roster for next season. I'm excited about this guy. Looks to be feisty and showed some strong offense during his short 11-game stint in Ottawa. If it continues, this is a huge steal, but even if it doesn't it's a low-risk deal. Great signing.
  11. Wendel Clark was a defenseman when he was drafted, I believe.
  12. Yeah I was surprised by those numbers. I remembered him as 6'3" and not particularly light.