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  1. Now it crashes because it gets no tech support.
  2. Start what over? Just a continuation. Very little is different at the new forum. There's no starting over.
  3. Luckily for you, this isn't posted on the forum people actually use.
  4. I honestly have moved on already. I'd just like them to know what they've lost. I'm not against the idea of some engagement on our new site, but for now at least, I think I prefer the idea of being independent, so support with no strings attached ie. ownership comments etc.
  5. Owned and managed by @-SN-. The moderation team is the same as on CDC. Neither Sportsnet nor the Canucks have any direct connection, management, nor ownership of the site.
  6. He's signed up, but life has made him quite busy, so no guarantees that he'll be posting as much as he did over here on CDC.
  7. For the sake of my dignity, please don't look at my 2010 posts (jk I don't care), but my posting has changed quite significantly over the years too. I was just 17 when I joined CDC, and despite how mature I felt at the time, I changed quite a bit over my years at CDC.
  8. Problem is, he didn't join the moderating team until years after that. When RNT, diesel, and I also joined.
  9. It's already hit local news thanks to Patrick Johnston as well as r/Canucks and r/Hockey.
  10. So grateful for all that you've invested in CDC over the years. Even if you just lurk around and post like a normal human, it would still be great to see you around from time to time on the new forums. No pressure to reach 180k posts again
  11. Joe we need you on our new forums! https://www.forumcanucks.com/


    Make an account so we can continue this great community with you! If you need any help at all, please let me or any one else who can help you know!


    You are such an integral member of our group.

  12. https://www.forumcanucks.com/ We migrating over there. Already over 200 of us have moved over!
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