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  1. Hard pass from me. I like Reinhart and do honestly think he's a great player, but Boeser puts up more points and is about a year younger. Almost no reason do make that trade unless we really feel a centre is that badly needed--and to that point, I'd suggest that we have two top six centres already and Reinhart would be wasted as a 3rd line centre. Furthermore, Reinhart isn't good at face-offs and doesn't kill penalties. He also isn't physical. Boeser is literally just Reinhart, but better and younger.
  2. -AJ-

    Coaching Next Season

    Our PP ranks higher than our goals per game and our PK ranks higher than our goals against per game, which suggests that Brown isn't actually doing horribly and that it's even strength hockey hurting us more. The only one I said to get rid of is Baumgartner, as I think we really shouldn't be as bad as we are with that D-corps and Demko.
  3. -AJ-

    The Abbotsford ______

    Identical to a junior b (I believe) team already there. I'd rather let them be the Abby Pilots and we pick something new.
  4. -AJ-

    The Abbotsford ______

    I don't think they'll actually use "Comets" given the heritage of Utica's team using the "Comets" name throughout the years. Seven syllables, same number as "Montreal Canadiens".
  5. If we choose to qualify him, it has to be $7.5M, yes. We could still sign a different deal once qualifying him, I believe, just as is done with a lot of qualified RFAs, if they deny the qualifying offer I think.
  6. Another option may just be another short deal so we don't worry about being burned. Also, He's starting to border on being worth that money on a long-term deal anyway. Looks to be at about a 30-35 goal pace and around a 70-point pace this year. I'd say that earns probably $7M a year at least anyway.
  7. It's risky, but we might just not qualify him and hope he signs with us as a UFA.
  8. 14 points in his last 18 games (7G, 7A). Looking to be heating up, hopefully for a killer sophomore season.
  9. At the right price, maybe. I'd say he's still worth his contract, though that might not be the case near the end of his career if he slows down too much. Skating has often been one of his stronger points and he might not move as fast at 34 or 35 as now at 31. To be honest, Hamonic, while worse than Tanev, seems to be a better bargain. More bang for your buck, so to speak. I really wouldn't want to give up assets to trade for him though. It'd be more of an "if he was a UFA" interest than actually trading for him. I do get the feeling that Tanev is a victim of
  10. And what's more, his contract becomes more reasonable to be bought out, so we might be Eriksson-free in a few months.
  11. You know Nurse is classy when he goes for punches after tackling MacEwen. Clown.
  12. For cheap, sure. Ideally less than $3M and being honest, he's probably worth closer to $2M. If for some reason he pushes for bigger money, we should probably let him walk/retire to be honest.
  13. -AJ-

    The Abbotsford ______

    I wouldn't mind the Comets, but I think I'm pretty open to a lot of names.
  14. It it was a play, the genre is definitely a tragedy.
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