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  1. I posted a thread a few weeks ago and motivated based on that, I decided to write a short article trying to spark some positivity in these dark times. Read here on my site if you want: https://hookedonhockeyhistory.wordpress.com/2021/03/03/ten-good-things-so-far-from-the-2021-season/ Or you can read it where I've pasted it below:
  2. Based on how the season has gone so far, I would agree that the Flames have not "massively improved". Frankly, they've been much worse this year than last year. The Canadiens do seem notably improved this year, though I wouldn't say that's a Benning thing. The Toffoli lamenting is far overplayed by many, I think.
  3. I'm definitely not on the fire Benning train or even the fire Green train, but to claim we're close to Calgary and Montreal (especially Montreal) is ridiculous. We have played three more games than the Flames and five more than the Canadiens. Given the relatively low number of games, that makes a huge difference. For context: If Montreal lost the next seven games straight and we won our next two games, they would still be above us and with an equal number of games. Before: Canucks 9-15-2: 20 points - 26 games Canadiens: 10-6-5: 25 points - 21 games After: Canucks (2 game win streak): 11-15-2: 24 points - 28 games Canadiens (7 game losing streak): 10-13-5: 25 points - 28 games Calgary is a bit closer, but we can play the same game. If the Flames were to go on a 3-game losing streak from today on out and we were to win our next game, we would just be tied. Games played matters and those who ignore it are viewing our team as far better than it is.
  4. Bo is a borderline fringe 1st line centre. To say that the concept that he's not a top 6 forward is laughable is to be charitable.
  5. I'm not sure Clark is really bad, per se. He brought Markstrom to stardom. I think it's more a matter of fit that ability. Not every goalie coach fits with every netminder. Demko is improving under Clark, but Holtby has remained the same as his last year in Washington--neither improved nor worsened. The Miller example is a bit perplexing, as Miller was very good in Vancouver, especially during the end of his tenure.
  6. Seems to me like Clark hasn't been able to work his magic on Hotlby yet. Sitting at a very similar number to last year's save percentage. Demko has taken the starting role and I don't think Holtby will likely be anything more than a backup at this point in his career. It's odd because it sounds like the swan song for him, yet he's only 31 years old and should really still have another several years of being an NHL starter left in him, but he's fallen off pretty hard in the past two years. I'm not sure if he even gets picked by Seattle at this point. He's only likely to be a backup if they want it and given his recent numbers, he's bordering on becoming an AHL starter-calibre netminder. Below .900 isn't great, even with a bad team. I'd bet that Seattle takes a forward off our team instead of Holtby. I suppose the consolation is that Demko has improved as the season has gone on.
  7. No one that I know of, though my current best friend apparently used to roam CDC around the late 2000s or so. I believe I saw @Canuck Clay at a Canuck game once, but didn't bother to say anything.
  8. His shooting percentage is only 3.6%, but his shots/game are also way down. For the past two years, he had almost identical shooting rates and averaged 2.19 shots/game. This year, he's averaging 1.4 shots/game. So even if you increase his shooting percentage to a more normal rate, he likely scores less just based on shooting less. His minutes are also down compared to the prior two years though, so that would affect his shooting rate a little bit too, but not too much.
  9. Yeah, but those pansies wore helmets. And what about back in the 40s and 50s when goalies didn't wear masks like babies. Things were better when players retired early due to concussions and other injuries.
  10. I believe both Sutter and Beagle bring valuable leadership, but Sutter brings a lot more to the game in terms of his actual play. He's a strong defensive player and also has some offensive potential, where Beagle is all defense and not much else. Sutter is also 3.5 years younger than Beagle.
  11. This brings back so many memories of my childhood. I remember singing along to this as a young boy. Good times.
  12. Heinen was a pretty good rookie in 2017-18, Boeser's rookie year. Had 47 points in 77 games as a 22-year old. Unfortunately, that was his best year offensively and he's fallen off a bit every year since then. At this rate, he looks good for about 30-35 points a year, but if can get back to that rookie form, he has top 6 potential. He's currently 25 years old and turns 26 in the summer. Drafted in the same year as Virtanen, but in the 4th round. Definitely more of a playmaker than a goal scorer. Also struggling this a bit this year with just 6 points in 17 games, though that's obviously better than Virtanen's 1 point in 19 games.
  13. I can see the resemblance, but it's probably helped by the fact that glasses hide his eyes.
  14. Virtanen has 1 point in 19 games. You're not going to get much for him at this point. Heinen is only a year older and has been trending downward a bit, but still produces decently.
  15. Do you really need to call him out to spark a flame? Just let it rest and don't stir up trouble.