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  1. What is Vegas doing? Huge mistakes IMO. Breaking up chemistry and bonds like that is foolish IMO. Not something that can be easily remade.
  2. I'd guess based on AHL reports from Cull and co., but I'm not sure. I was also very confused as to why Baertschi was never given a fair chance back in the NHL, but sometimes these puzzling decisions are made. We'll see how both Rafferty and Baertschi play with their respective new teams.
  3. I'll say yes, but it's far from certain. I think we have a good chance to make it though.
  4. From what I recall, this is the first time we've ever moved a player from the "Alumni" section to the "Current Roster" section.
  5. 2019-20 Playoff team was also a fair bit over the cap due to having both Boeser and Toffoli in the lineup. I'd take that team.
  6. It sounds like he's saying that for a short period of time, Poolman was their top minute guy, but as you say, he was their #4 guy by TOI this past year overall, so it couldn't have been for the entire year.
  7. Love his new cheap deal. Way to go Sutter. He could have surely got more money elsewhere.
  8. Too much money for Edler, but I'll truly miss him. Was often one of my favourites. He'll be back for the Ring of Honour.
  9. Yep, but only the buyout penalty part, not the entire cap hit.
  10. Some observations: - TOI suggests he was used as a #4 in Winnipeg - Average possession metrics - No offense in 2020-21, but decent offense in 2019-20 (on pace for 23 points in 82 games) I would expect about 15 points in a full season, very low offense - Average size for an NHL defenseman - Right-handed - 1.77 hits per game -- moderately high, but not crazy high - Average shot blocking for a defenseman - Extraordinarily responsible on the penalty front - Played on the 2nd PK unit for the Jets in 2020-21 - Scored against very little as a 2nd unit
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