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  1. I think my love for kesler is back. Its easy to hate him after how everything ended, but seeing that game I'm reminded of what he meant for us, and what he gave for us. Also, we need more "playoff" type players. Our top six is looking good, our bottom six needs more of what Mackewen has shown, and hopefully continue... whenever that may be.
  2. As mentioned in the Sedin week thread, can someone post the ceremony? I'm guessing I won't get it. I've pvr'd the game and the habs game before (on the same channel over here) in hopes that I'll get it but I doubt it will be shown.
  3. I second this! I doubt I'll get any of the pre game coverage
  4. Iceland was the one that started that, so anyone after took it from them.
  5. I placed a bet on this game.. Under 8.5 goals. Hahaha... The weird thing was, I said to a friend that I could see tampa doing exactly what they did. Even at 1-1 halfway through the game, I felt it could happen. Lesson learned, always listen to your gut feeling.
  6. Messing up the tweet but Blake price is saying brenning says it's not a concussion. Believe or not?
  7. Classy... This one gets to me every time
  8. I enjoyed when the shots were around 24-10 and they were saying that it was misleading... Then they eventually came around and saw how the game really was being played.
  9. Unfortunately I had the displeasure of having to listen to the King's broadcast. As painful as they are, they fully admitted that the canucks dominated in every aspect of the game. It was beautiful.
  10. Just 24 hours ago we were planning the parade, and now the sky is falling. I'd say I'm surprised, but this is vancouver fans in a nutshell. We are not going to win every game, and some losses are going to be ones we should have won. Let it be. If this happens several games in a row then we can start panicking. These are growing pains, and hopefully; they will learn from it.
  11. I didn't actually take it, but it's the view I have from my home
  12. I didn't realize that was his dad. The company I use to work for almost went in on a project with him on the island when a lot of that sh!t was going down. Obviously we backed out.
  13. From Maple Ridge, then moved to Van.. And then into the Arctic to a town called Tromsø, Norway.
  14. As much as I dislike Baertschi being waived, I find it interesting people talking about how well he performs when not injured. Everybody wants sutter and tanev gone because they only play half a season and say it's wasted cap space. Isn't that a bit hypocritical? Tanev is arguably more valuable when healthy. And maybe the same could be said about Sutter.
  15. Haha, you got me. But I brag about my wife all the time, so it's nothing new.
  16. This happens every year with several players. Look at canucks fans, each draft pick is the next (fill in superstar). Trading away a draft pick is dangerous for the player we get. They are then an easy target for a what could have been. Bo went through it because we traded away schneider for him. Look at the recent interview. He had a tough time at the start. I predict Miller will be an easy one that fans jump on, if he struggles, because we traded away a 1st for him. Jake's problem is he was drafted 6th overall. Look at how fans are with Juolevi. It's a ridiculous occurance with fans. Expectations are way too high. Unfortunately, everyone (players) is tuned a little different. Some get it right away, some take time, so e need a change, and some never get it. So to answer your question, it's because he was drafted 6th overall. If people would realize that maybe they should tone down there expectations, and let the players play, they may not have all this "hate".
  17. I've got a funny story about him not being focused. A few years ago I took my wife to her first game (she's Norwegian), against the Kings. We had first row seats and got there early to watch the pregame skate. As he was skating by he eye f@#ked the $hit out of her, then turned to look at me as if to say; how did you get her? They went on to lose 6-0.
  18. Thank you for that. That brought a wave of emotions. I truly miss being in Vancouver during hockey season. Well ok, I miss Vancouver in general, but especially during hockey season.
  19. This thread is becoming a bit too repetitive. I come on here looking for updates and all it is, is people spewing the same thing over and over again. I get it, this is a forum, people discuss things, but now it's just getting silly. (you see what I did there? I pretty much said the same thing three different ways, and wasted your time ;)) Can we not lock this, and start a new one when there comes actual news.