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  1. Combination of $&!#ting on Benning and just not following the rest of the league. When you only follow one team, you only know about one team. The years I took a break from my hockey pool were when I knew the least about the rest of the league
  2. The Miller trade ended up beyond worth it. Our leading scorer over the last two years for a 20th pick
  3. I think they both have 2 career goals. And Juulson was only picked 1 draft earlier than Juolevi
  4. Id say a high vaccination rate correlates with a more cautious level of decision making regarding opening up more in the pandemic. The places most gung ho to open everything back up (or just never close it down) tend to have poorer vaccination rates That's not to say we won't have 100% capacity by home opener, but the province won't rush the decision.
  5. There are cap implications to Rathbone making the team vs being a call up. He'll have a higher cap hit as a call up because we're using Ferlands LTIR
  6. Could not agree more I do worry that we're not going to be able to get our full team to gel as well as Seattle is doing. Even with Petey and Hughes coming in, Boeser is injured, Hamonic is ?????, and Sutter and Motte are not available either.
  7. Is Bailey even at camp? He got covid in the States
  8. I want the Avs to somehow get Fleury and Clague so that half of their D-men are named Cale/Kale. They should collect all the Cale/Kale's.
  9. Benning was probably trying to get him signed for 6-8 years. Those negotiations would've taken a lot of time Even once they settled on 3 years, JP Barry wouldnt have countered Bennings offer with 7.35 per year. The ask would've been higher and they took time to meet at 7.35
  10. Absolutely fantastic. Very fair from a comparable standpoint (Dahlin, Makar, Barzal)
  11. Woo is an untouchable for me too. He is our only notable RHD prospect. Why are we trading him for a RHD? We're not adding depth if we do that and Woo could become the cost controlled stay at home RHD that we're trying to trade for
  12. The radio contract ends this summer? Good. Make it local
  13. Good on this Seattle feed for establishing up front that the Kraken line up tonight is basically NHL calibre and the Canucks is not. And that's due to us being a road team in our first pre-season game
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