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  1. As long as Demko shows progression this year, I'll be happy. We can't expect Vegas level goaltending every game. Especially with the Defence he has in front of him this year 

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Goaltending is WAY down the list of problems that need to be fixed.

    2. Heretic


      Well...I expect it.

  2. 6 million for Markstrom short term is fine and deserved. 6 years for a 31 year old is extremely long especially with a NMC. And we're not going to win any games with a PP that is 0/15 on the season. Special teams is where we'll win and lose games.
  3. So he would rather play for Toronto's AHL team/taxi squad than be on another NHL roster? Even another one in Canada?
  4. Did his family come with him? I saw a tweet that his daughter was starting her first day of school but I don't know if that was in Vancouver or the US
  5. Markstrom wouldn't have the book on Loui since Loui hasn't had a book in 4 years. Big brain play
  6. So Kaprisov looks like he's going to be a Calder threat. Romanov in Montreal too

    1. -AJ-


      Perhaps a bit like 2005-06 with rookies getting an extra half year of development before all coming into the NHL at once.

  7. I actually did this back in 2017. I managed to get 12F, 6D, and 2G out of former Canuck property placed on waivers in just the 2017 offseason/early in the regular season Would probably be a fun exercise to do early in every season and see if some waiver years are particularly strong or weak.
  8. TIL: This is still MacEwen's rookie season. It feels like we've had him for a while but by the NHL's rules, he's still a rookie