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  1. This French Open is big for Shapo's chances of qualifying for the year end ATP Finals
  2. Then only have 9 players signed for next year. If you consider a team to be usually 13F, 7D, and 2G, then Ottawa has 13 players to sign. That's an avg of $1.7M per player to reach the floor. They can do it easily. Even if they trade for Eriksson, they still need to sign 12 more players just to field a team. Eriksson only saves them any actual dollars if he's paid less cash than one of the 13 players they would need to sign anyways. And Ottawa has Brady Thachuk as an RFA next year who'll make big dollars
  3. They have 9 players signed to contracts for next season. They'll reach the floor just by signing their RFA's and completing a team
  4. I've seen the math on the buyout. We save $2.33 M in the season we need to re-sign Petey and Hughes, we spend no assets on a buyout, we don't need Eriksson to say yes (like we do on a mutual contract termination, or retirement), and we don't need another team's help. I'll take that level of control. Keep it in our hands, don't depend on another team
  5. Staal only has one year left on his contract with a NMC so he had to waive it to be moved to Detroit. Eriksson would cost more since he's 2 years and $6M. Just bite the bullet and buy him out. We don't have the assets to spend
  6. They're even walking away from Borowiecki who is a great vet presence
  7. I don't think letting contracts run out is all that strange. Happens all the time.
  8. High dose, long term NSAIDS are a bad idea. Safer to use Acetaminophen but then there's no anti-inflammatory effect. But both are still safer options than opioids. The line from Goon is so telling of how freely opioids were given out before: "Two rules, man: Stay away from my percocets, and do you have any percocets?"
  9. They had weed gummies. That's amazing. Haven't other players in the past been suspended for failing Cannabis drug tests?
  10. Shapo lost to Schwartzman in a third set tiebreak, but since Schwartzman lost to Djokovic in the final, it ensures that Shapo will enter the Top 10 with this week's ranking update. The 2nd Canadian man to enter the Top 10 since Raonic (who was last in the top 10 in 2017, career high of No. 3 in 2016)
  11. It just hit me (with the InuYasha sequel coming out next month) that Ian in 'Being Ian' is voiced by InuYasha's voice actor. I watched both Being Ian and InuYasha as a kid and never made the connection. He also voiced the main character in Zoids if anybody remembers that show.
  12. I don't think Pearson's coming back after his current contract. His $3.75M isn't bad but he doesn't drive the line he's on. Toffoli can play both wings so after this year: MILLER - PETTERSSON - BOESER TOFFOLI - HORVAT - PODKOLZIN No reason to trade Boeser just because Podkolzin joins the team
  13. Why would SKA limiting his minutes make Pod more likely to sign? That would piss me off and make me want to leave.
  14. I believe Markstrom is better but not that much better. Demko fits our window age-wise and won't cost as much on his next contract and Markstrom should this off-season.
  15. Do you disagree? The Norris and Vezina are more high profile than coach of the year, GM of the year, and the (barf) Mark Messier Leadership award. What do most people care about more? The Calder or the Masterson? The only award that could have been included in these upper echelons of awards too is the Selke