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  1. Imagine if after all that, the judges said "No, keep jumping"
  2. We all make jokes about Future Considerations often becoming almost nothing. On the flip side, does anyone know what the most value Future Considerations has ever become? Has Future Considerations ever turned out to be a 2nd round pick or something?
  3. The Avs have lost so much depth this off-season. I love it
  4. Tomas Hyka of the Golden Knights was who hit him. A Golden Knight was the one who blew up Leivo's knee too
  5. You're confusing Junior and College. You can't play in College with a pro contract, that's why guys leaving college is a big deal. People have a contract, attend training camp and get sent back to junior every year. The issue with some players is they're too young for the AHL, so if they don't make the NHL, they are forced to return to junior
  6. Hughes was partnered with Tanev in his rookie season. He wasn't a shutdown D then. Hughes needs someone dependable behind him while he's wheeling
  7. DK signed a tryout contract with the KHL Dinamo Minsk. He scored a goal and an assist in his first pre-season game. As long as this is good for his development, I'm okay with it. Will be stiffer competition than the CHL or Belarus
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