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  1. Last words: for those who remember the super Mafia bros game by Zfetch "There is a time and place for everything but not now" -Professor Oak
  2. My shift begins at 3 so I'll vote Alchemy Time if that's what it takes to get you to stop tunneling on me. im TP so you best start to look for mafia elsewhere
  3. I thought you were done replying to me. I did vote for him last round. As you told me, if you were TP, you'd be paying more attention.
  4. Or, shocker, I'm TP. Well I'm going to work and will be gone for the next 8-9 hours so have fun lynching a townsperson.
  5. During the TP special trifecta with TL, Zfetch and Duce. If you couldn't save the same person twice in a row (which did you ever try to do so when you had multiple TP specials to save?) Then that would have helped out narrowing down who zfetch should have watched
  6. Pretty shit logic ngl. I've been very up front about being busy. Laver cup all weekend and now work where I can't recreationally be on my phone. If you've posted it before then quote yourself. I only have about 2-3 hours before I have to leave for work again
  7. Very dismissive attitude. Knowing all this would have helped TP rounds ago. Either you don't know your role well, or you're faking it
  8. I can't shake the feeling that LL is deepwolfing. Nobody has been successfully saved even once. Your only evidence of doctor is that no one counter claimed but it's possible in a game with a forum closure deadline that BJ didn't put in a doctor.
  9. How could it not matter? If for example, you couldn't save the same player twice in a row that might hint there was no role blocker last night. Why wouldn't the TP doctor know their role inside and out or seek clarification as soon as possible?
  10. If there is lackey then any of the confirmed TP could be which makes the POE too big. So I've gotta say AT with a chance that the shrubbery role is mafia aligned. Is there any reason why it couldn't be AT and or ilunga? I'm not confirmed at all saving Toews or SD would be poor decisions because they don't have ability like the vig and aren't likely to be targeted by the Mafia anyway, at least not with the vig still around.
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