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  1. All the best wishes to Bo, Gunnar, Holly, and family
  2. That's 7 players on the main roster and LeBrun reports one taxi squad member too
  3. But the Sharks are super screwed now. Their cap outlook is the worst of all. And they traded away the pick that turned into Stutzle
  4. you lose some, you lose some Damned if we do and damned when we dont
  5. According to this article: https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/nhl-investigating-incident-involving-official-caught-hot-mic/ Peel and Sutherland were the refs. Do only refs get mic'd up or is there a chance it was a linesman talking?
  6. And a Buffalo staff member tested positive as well. And yet the NHL allowed the game to happen, after which Debrusk, Pastrnak, and Krejci have entered COVID protocol
  7. This will be the least popular one. 1st round drafting good, outside of 1st round okay, trades okay, UFA signings bad, RFA signings good, eloquence of speech poor, Jet Black-ness elite
  8. I left Rogers to join Wind/Freedom. It all comes around
  9. I believe in Jett Woo Him and Rathbone are having chemistry
  10. I've seen highlights from Dallas Stars game and a lot of people don't have a mask in sight
  11. Their farm team is in Canada and Ducharme has been projected as the next guy in line The Canucks don't have a projected successor unless you think any of our assistant coaches would do a better job with the same roster And don't suggest hiring Julien. Hes a Torts/Willie D type of old school coach. We've been there done that
  12. In the r/hockey post of the firing, habs fans were complaining that Julien just rolled 4 lines, didn't utilize young players, and preferred vets Sound familiar? Cough, Willie D, cough Also,
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