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  1. Gotta think that getting the players to be smarter about where they go and what they do off the ice will do more to prevent infection than removing physical contract. That and daily testing.
  2. Former 10th overall pick by the avalanche in 2016 (Juolevi's year). 72 points in 208 NHL games Just one year after they drafted Rantanen 10th overall in 2015. 250 points in 281 NHL games Just look how different these two careers have gone. Picked by the same team, with the same pick one year apart. This is why comparing a player to other players picked in the same spot but in different years is asinine. The exact pick used means very little across different years unless we're talking top 3.
  3. But then we'd add 1.6M to next year which is the Petey, Hughes, Demko re-signing year.
  4. If only they'd kept Marleau and then trade for Pavelski. Re-unite the Sharks
  5. We have to consider that injuries will happen too. It's fine and even desirable to have our young rookies see if they can make it as a #6 D but if they can't, or if they can but there's an injury higher up on the depth chart, we need insurance. Guys like Brisebois, and Sautner have a little more NHL experience but for Rafferty, Juolevi, Rathbone, and Chatfeld, it'd be dicey to have 2 or 3 of them in the line up at the same time at this stage of their careers
  6. I see that changing next year when we don't re-sign Edler so that we can afford Hughes
  7. The Canucks have 7 players who can be bought out during this window. Although the only ones who aren't vital to our future are Sutter, Eriksson, Myers, and Edler. The other three are Horvat, Boeser, and Miller
  8. It's a flat cap next season too. So it may be a similar market of UFA's
  9. There was a deadline for general buyouts. There's a second buyout window that Capfriendly says ends Nov. 12. It seems to only be for teams who are going to arbitration with a player
  10. He could still sign with the Canucks. It's just that the other 30 teams can also make offers now that he's hit free agency. That said, I don't see Toffoli signing anywhere except in California, Vancouver, (or just because it'd be funny, Calgary). His wife works for one of the baseball teams in Cali. He's best friends with Pearson. Anaheim's on the decline, SJ's on the decline, LA is already in their rebuild, we're set for a step back year before our window begins to open. I think our team looks the most appealing from a winning perspective going forward but I wouldn't want TT for anything longer than 3-4 years max.