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  1. My docter tapered me off of Olanzapine, which was one of three medications that I tried. Like I said I was tapered off of it and haven't been on any kind of prescription medication now for 6 months. Edit: Added the word haven't
  2. This hits home for me since I recently went through psychosis. I couldn't work and am currently on disability because of it. Psychosis is craaazy. For me it was quite an ineffable experience but I will try to put it into words. I felt really great, like 150% better than the best day ever experienced normally and that was all the time. I was overflowing with energy, I didn't even feel the need to sleep and I didn't sleep most nights. I was hallucinating, both visually and audibly. The visual hallucinations were like seeing colours that were not there and see what I can only describe as "energy fields" around people, some people had exceptionally strong "fields" . The auditory hallucinations was a "voice" I would hear literally every minute. This wasn't a usual self-talk minds voice but rather a clear, distinct different voice that would say things I never could imagine by myself. The worst part was I thought I was normal during my episode. I was a completely normal person before and after my episode, so I can't stress this point enough. I thought it was normal to think that I was chosen by god, hearing his voice. I only went to the hospital after being urged to go by family members and close friends who told me I was not acting normally. Even when I was in the psych ward, I still thought I was normal. Even after being released after 5 weeks in the psych ward, it took about 2 more months and a lot of antipsychotic medication for me to feel somewhat normal and to eliminate the visual and auditory hallucinations and many more months to finally feel like my normal self and be able to have social conversations with others without feeling anxious. There is MUCH more details to the story I left out that are personal that I haven't even told my family yet, maybe never will, but like I say undergoing psychosis is like nothing I have ever experienced in my life, my prayers are with Daniel Ryder.
  3. If they play well convincingly, all of them would make the NHL in the future at some point of the future If they play poorly Canucks will keep him in the future
  4. The real question is: Should Jannik Hansen be traded or keep him in the future?
  5. I don't like any pie... Oh wait, I like pumpkin pie
  6. I would say if any Canucks that don't have NTC's play poorly, that makes them candidates to be traded/sent down to the minors. Even the ones that do have NTC's might be asked to waive it if they don't play up to expectations or play up to their salaries as was the case with Garrison last year. In the case of Sbisa and Markstrom, management might tolerate poor play from them for a while because they are still young and still have potential.
  7. Wow, then at least 40% of those seats should be filled, going by the picture it looks way less than that, maybe 20% filled.
  8. Goodrow will have more points at the end of the year, Gaudreau is all hype.
  9. I don't how they would be able to manage it but the Canucks should have a section reserved for fans that are extra enthusiastic a la whitecaps southsiders. I realize soccer and hockey are different sports but having a section of enthusiastic fans in Rogers Arena would be awesome. Plus the energy they would bring would be contagious, eventually all of Rogers Arena would be a little louder and that would make for an exciting experience.
  10. I have a feeling that this season we're going to be hearing the same old thing from Eakins: "The boys played well, there's a lot of positives to take from this game." But the end result will be an Oilers loss...
  11. Finally came home. Had a lot of beer and shots at friends place, I'm going to pass out. May call in sick to work tomorrow, good night fellow CDC posters
  12. No thanks, I didn't even know that Eakins was a candidate for the coaching position here in Vancouver. Eakins is garbage.
  13. The Sedins + Vrbata have looked good. The chemistry between the three is palpable. I can't wait for the next game to see them work their magic against the Oil again.