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  1. I sorta wuv you lots.

  2. I'm sorry.

    that was uncalled for.

  3. mother ????er.

  4. I realized that I love ambulocetus.

    Thats right.


  5. Well, you're reply was based on 3 cm there Sir Menace.
  6. Packed Down snow is just as slippery as ice. Also, underneath that 15 cm layer of snow, is ... ice. Dude, don't try to act like 3 cm is ANYTHING like 15 cm. I remember last year, we got a solid 2 feet here in Strathroy, Ontario. Ah, good times. Also, there are hills in Edmonton. Even then, 3 cm doesn't make a big difference on a hill. Seriously, it doesn't. Also, do you have winter tires? That might be why its hard to get around.. Either way, stop trying to pretend 3 cm is as much as a detriment as Vancouver.
  7. Your tone seems to imply that he is an idiot because he isn't up to date on the weather.
  8. Yeah its coming down pretty hard eh toxic. My friend goes to Laurier.. nice place.
  9. I was reading through the "Most forgettable Moment on CDC" thread and you were asking for that Kesler picture...I'm not sure if anyone has PMed you yet, but I have it if you want to see it. =]