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  1. lol you are assuming our scouting staff are good enough to recommend these players to Gillis.
  2. Looking at the Justin Schultz situation, would it be possible for McNally to opt for free agency after he decides to leave college? When has or will the loophole be closed?
  3. I thought Andrew Gordon was a winger not a dman?
  4. Has anyone been following Andersson's season this year and could give us an update to his play? I had high hopes for him two years back when he was holding his own in the SEL right after draft year with a good showing in the WJC, but then the injury bug hit and he seemed to have fell off the face of the earth. What are the chances that we will see him in the Wolved next year?
  5. This guy actually thinks he's funny.
  6. Interesting, just before the back to back games coming up tomorrow and saturday. I wonder how much playing time he will get, if any. Hopefully he sticks and never have to go back to the ECHL again, where prospects go to die (figuratively).
  7. Unfortunately Anderssons year has been disastrous so far... Seems like he's taken a step back and has lost all confidence playing in the SEL.... Usually bench warming or when he slots in he plays 5 mins and plays horrible... And weren't there something about the Czech WJC team not picking players from the CHL because of hockey politics or something? It would be great if McNally would get invited to camp at least.
  8. He was doing fine in the SEL last season before his unfortunately injury that ended his season. Right now I see it as a confidence issue, hopefully he will regain much of it in the division he's more comfortable playing in.
  9. Yea not to mention the Q is not known for developing a lot of NHL dman in generally.
  10. Yea it's disappointing too that with all this talk about Tanev and Connauton, Sauve seems to have been forgotten and pushed down the depth chart by many fans even though he never got a chance to showcase his talent at the prospects tournament.
  11. I don't think any dman in our system right now has the complete physical/talent package that Luc possessed. Bourdon was a much better dman than Sauve in the Q at the same age. I wish he was still here as an Edler Bourdon pairing would've stabilized our blueline for the next 10 years.
  12. It's crazy to think that our team was has been missing Demitra, Samuelsson, Bernier, Mitchell, Bieksa, Salo, Daniel, Luongo for extended periods of time and are still on top of the division.
  13. Yea we should've drafted MPS Since when are top 10 draft selections a measuring stick for late second rounders?
  14. I am the glad the mods decide to keep this thread.. it really serves as an example to people who start threads out of blind hate for a player. clutch..i tot you know your hockey??
  15. what a plug. Krog, Brown and Pettinger would've scored like 6.