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  2. Crash and Overgrown=awesome, I don't mind Bailout or Storm but Salvage is terrible or maybe I haven't figure it out yet
  3. I hate listening to people talk about their kds
  4. What do you guys think is the best shotgun class? Rght now I'm rocking the spas-12 with grip, marathon stopping power and commando
  5. I feel like I'm playing Wanted everytime time I run around a corner yet I still get shot from behind, them things bending or what
  6. Is that the thing where you just float above the map? Does no one watch their killcam or something sounds dumb
  7. He's a Ceiling Fan and M31 I'm like 85% positive that guy is trying to pick you up "oh hey that can't be you...send me more pics for proof" you'll get a pm for noods in no time
  8. Neer wins for worst tattoo
  9. I find it funny a good looking person posting a picture gets called a attention whore
  10. (lol@howmany people will google amogging" lol@you making fun of someones looks
  11. lol@cdc being full of creepy dudes
  12. very anti-climatic alright
  13. loooooooooooooooooolllllll at end of 1st
  14. My friend was in vegas a couple weeks ago and heard that he got submitted so I'm not sure which to believe And of course they'll sign him, I know so many people who are watching this year just because Kimbos on it