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  1. A little more info on Friesen on the icedogs site Good kid, I really like this pick and hope he excels at the pro level.
  2. Alex Friesen is probably one of the most clutch players in the OHL he has a knack for scoring timely goals and is probably a carbon copy of Alex Burrows in terms of what he brings to the table.
  3. I think he means Physicality. He isn't the biggest guy but if he could become a player like oshie whos strong on his feet and is a good 2 way player if he can develop the NA side of the game
  4. I don't think so, Keith and Seabrook have a different dimension when it comes to offensive production because they are so skilled on the blueline. Not to take away from Sauve or Edler but I don't think its debatable who would be the better pairing.
  5. so he's supposed to be a PPG player in this Tourney now? its not all about points there bud. and how is MPS his measuring stick? MPS is a first round pick. Rodin is a second round pick. maybe you shouldn't be blinded by foolish patriotism and actually enjoy watching our prospects at this tournament.
  6. I don't think we over hyped him at all. A physical defenseman with some offensive acumen and a hard shot. He may not be a PPQB but an anchor at the blueline is great for a second round pick. I expect him to be like Mattias Ohlund in terms on what he brings on defense. Who knows what he will bring offensively but we already have a prospect that covers that so I think the Canucks aren't that worried about his offensive abilities that much. I thought he played great at the tournament and played his role very well. I think Cannauton and Sauve would be a great pairing in the future. almost like a Keith and Seabrook pairing! :D
  7. Oh sorry, I clicked this thread thinking there was actually news about Sauve. My bad. You guys play nice now.
  8. new forum is meh.

  9. Wasn't Sauve in a similar situation?
  10. Bad coach
  11. Daniel Rahimi was playing in that game as well.
  12. Armin Van Buuren - Light the skies
  13. If you browse though the video clips, there are some highlights of his games with Minnesota. Cheers!
  15. This experiment must be done.