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  1. you better still be alive.

  2. haha i was thinking you must have gotten suspended cause you haven't been around for a while.

    happy birthday anyway


  4. you have got to send me a pm when you get un-suspended..

  5. i'm so glad your back "sobs"

  6. lol my fantasy team is killing yours

  7. If you're on the east side forget about it. I remember 2 years ago all that snow, half my school missing, and we still went through the day.
  8. Sea to Sky Highway was brutal. Took over an hour to get from Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay alone. Couldn't even make it to Squamish thanks to the jackknifed semi trailer. At least my class got to play rugby in the snow once we got back.
  9. Yay! Having a nice barbecue at Squamish tmr!
  10. I'm begging for it to snow tonight. 2 tests tmr. But if it snows too hard I'll miss my barbecue/hike on Wednesday... Geez what a dilemma.
  11. A trail at the British Properties. I think it was the Powell and then we switched off to the Skyline to see one of the oldest trees in BC. No I'm not a rich British person.
  12. I SWEAR I did not kill him.

  13. Come on were around yesterday when I went hiking...