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  1. CDC still here! Guess I better post one last time. Great game Canucks. Looking good this year.
  2. Who is the guy standing with Luongo? I feel like I recognize him but I can't put a name to his face.
  3. Looks like we're playing the kings. NJD needs at least some red on the jerseys.
  4. Just me, or is the organ player way off with their timing?
  5. I think someone showed Miller this segment of HNIC. He's been significantly better since then.
  6. Just tuned in. Is OEL healthy scratched or hurt? (I missed the last game too so I'm out of the loop)
  7. Oh weird. Especially for a playoff game where it could go multiple OTs. Although they don't go long without scoring in this one haha.
  8. That round table is so awkward for filming, having their backs turned like that. Bieksa and the other dude kept wanting to look back at the Camara.
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