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  1. Banned for attempting to take over CDC
  2. Banned for being a nose neighbor.
  3. banned for supporting an overhyped team...Socceroo's for the win!...errr... the tie!!!
  4. Banned for hating the best show ever made.
  5. Banned for pierre mcguire, Black eyed peas and making me look at your profile.
  6. banned for making me giggle.
  7. Banned for having my name.
  8. Banned for defying space-time.
  9. Banned for terrible grammer.
  10. Banned for having to research someone in order to ban them.
  11. Banned for living in the east.
  12. Banned 4 using four when you should of used for.
  13. Banned for wanting me to actually get banned.
  14. Banned for not just going to youporn.
  15. Banned for acting like a religious douche.