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  1. Hello there How's it going.:)

  2. i think so too, but it took him a while to get back into playoff groove.

  3. Hey! Long time to talk, I bet you don't remember who I am, but thats okay, lmao.

    How are you? What do you think of the `Nucks now? I`m just really excited. :)

  4. ohh yeah.

    do u think that luonggo should be mvp for this year or d.sedin?

  5. hey!

    remembber me? :)

    how are u?

  6. It would have been better without the parents, and yes it's 09 already :o School starts in a few days and every year passes by very quickly :)

  7. I didnt watch it but I heard it was horrible it confuses you like the 7th man thing, look at Ovie now but Semin was holding the fort before thought. ITs kinda of like Pittsburgh. Malkin Crosby VS OVie Backstrom and Semin.

  8. Hahah! Ohh, how good is the Nux movie?

    No way, look at Ovi now! :)

  9. Hahah! :)

    So, the trip sounded fun.

    I can't believe its `09, i think its going faster than last year!

  10. Ovechkin is doing as well as the Canucks movie. BUt its because of the crappy start. And that Alex Semin(LOL) is looking like the face of the franchise not OVie.

  11. Hah, the trip was great. I saw alot of things, alot of pretty girls :o

    Yes, 4 more days till new years, and I don't think i'm wondering what to do ~

  12. How was your trip? :)

    Anyways, thank you, and merry xmas to you too. I can't believe its 4 more days..

  13. I came back from Vegas, Merry belated Christmas and Happy new years :o

  14. Omg, same here! I have like another window open so I see what u wrote. :)

    Last year was such a heart breaker! I hope this year is NOT.

    I will! Have an awesome vacation/holiday. (: