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  1. The Flames fanbase or media reminds me a lot of the Oilers team when they made the fluke run to the cup final. After the cup run, the media thought the Oilers in the following season, could have SIX 20 goal scorer (believe Sean McCormick wrote that), and their fanbase believed they could wrap up the old Northwest Division by Christmas. We all know what the Oilers have done (or haven't done) since then. Now, the Flames fans think they can start mocking the Canucks because they won ONE friggin round last year after being a laughing stock for the past decade? And we are still in the beginning of August? Have their brains been dropping as quickly as the oil price?
  2. Linden Bure Hank Daniel Bertuzzi Burrows Naslund Bieksa
  3. Seriously this is like one of the most classic threads of all time... Oh and congrats to Burr!!!!!
  4. Solid game again by Bieksa...he's not going anywhere ppl...
  5. Y does everyone say burr only scores odd goals? The guy has 28 goals which leads the team... Just boughty burr jersey...I hate this thread with passion
  6. My goodness...last yr 28 goals...this yr 28 goals and counting...u don't just have a guy who can have bk to bk 28+ goal seasons...there's stuff I can't say in here, but boy oh boy...
  7. haha...was hoping this thread would be bumped up after the "fire MG" one...keep it coming
  8. not if we keep bring this tread up...
  9. lol you left ourself a comment XD

    anyway i go to sfu

  10. no...I was borned in Shanghai, but now am living in Rmd...where do u go to school?

  11. no...I was borned in Shanghai, but now am living in Rmd...where do u go to school?

  12. eh i thought you were in shanghai LOL xD

  13. hey Dorkey, what's I see u live in RMD too...maybe we can catch up sometimes...

  14. holy sh!t, I was thinking this thread would be brought up again when Burrows scored.... anyway, isnt it wierd that after TSN had just made Alex the game monster, and he scored the OT winner?