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  1. So I just got on the bus heading home. Saw a guy sporting a mullet and a Kane jersey. I chuckled. It was kinda awkward with me in my Luongo jersey and all. We ended up shaking hands and said good luck befort he got off. LOL

    1. Venom52


      good. I'm glad you didn't do anything stupid

  2. I'm back in Richmond haha.

  3. Twitter?! Faggg!

  4. Nice editing on the Ballard pict ;)

  5. yo man. do you use twitter? :)

  6. When you mention one Sedin, you must mention the other. So that works out both ways LOL. (:

  7. lmao dorkey, love the danrik sedin

  8. Edlerrrr umm i dunno i dont wanna let go of my mitchie<3

  9. Don't listen to him!

    Edler_23Baby would be GG ;)

  10. That wouldn't be fun. You don't get to plow over stuffs >:) LOL

  11. LOL bulldozer, I was gonna settle for a snow blower......

  12. I'm gonna buy a bulldozer if that ever happens LOL

  13. LOL, salt and shoveling! At least its not all year round!