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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I think Mittelstadt will translate. His floor is basically Kyle Wellwood. He most likely will become a Chris Drury type of player depending on his compete level. Ceiling is a Forsberg light if he can develop some explosiveness and strength to his game. Again, if he gets as strong as Forsberg basically the puck will stick to him.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I think everyone is worried too much about him. I watched every minute of that highlight film and here is a few tidbits of what I noticed about him and anderson. I don't think stats matter at all in a tournament like this or even at this age. Its the finite details that can tell you the difference between a future stud and a bust. 1. Lias Anderson is a puck hound. Very hard on the puck and is far more physically mature. Hence he will look better. He can survive contact right now hence he can make plays carrying the puck. However, I question if he knows where he is going with it. It seems like he wants to carry it into space but doesn't have a plan of what to do with it in that space. On some particular plays his choice of where he is going is brutal. It's like saying, I can carry it somewhere and hang onto it but I won't be any closer to my goal than I was before. I think he has great value but will certainly need a playmaking centre to make him better. Without the puck I thought his reads were much better. But that could also be because he is playing with some decent playmakers. 2. If you watch Petterson closely, you will notice something interesting. He has a plan of what he wants to do. He may not accomplish is all the time because, well, unlike Anderson, he can't survive contact and that has been well documented here. It reminds me a lot of the sedins in their early days. It seems like they always had a plan but was too weak to survive contact early to accomplish it. Hence we always thought they were just cycling it aimlessly. 3. Petterson's game is very efficient. He will try plays and not waste time with them. He may lose the puck but that is because the plays will get him much closer to the end goal than just aimlessly carrying it. 4. He understands the idea of time, space and angles. I can't stress this enough. When Steve Nash was asked why do you play soccer and how does it affect your basketball game he answered simply that it was about angles. If you watch him, he is not unlike most play making centres who like to draw defenders close to him. Reminds me a lot of how Henrik Sedin would hang onto the puck, even back peddle a bit to draw someone closer to him, then release it. He shifts players around him to create lanes to get the puck through, very intelligent at such an early age. Unlike Sedin, he actually can shoot, so defenders can't just leave him be off of the side wall. 5. I question a bit his compete level because well, he really isn't trying too hard out there right now. But again, I suspect that he picks his spots on plays that have a high end reward and tries much harder on those. 6. Liligren looked decent I thought. He might become the Cam Fowler of this year's draft. Very smooth and can transition the puck quickly. I haven't seen a shift by shift breakdown of Makar but I would imagine that there isn't that much difference between the two. d In conclusion, having watched the shift by shift videos of some of the top drafted prospects I have to say you have to watch the game really closely to evaluate these players. Personally my pick was mittelstadt who reminded me a bit of a light weight version of Forsberg because I questioned Glass's puck handling as a center. But having watched Petterson closely I can see why they drafted him. There is a good reason why this guy put up such good numbers in a league with men while being at 160 pounds. I mean this is a junior tournament and he gets knocked around think about what happens when he plays against men. But his vision and hockey sense are off the charts. I would say he is like a Henrik Sedin but take away a bit of passing skill and add some skating and shooting ability. He will be elite one day when he can survive contact and now can actually accomplish some of the plays he planned because he could hang onto the puck a bit longer. We have seen it before with the Sedins.
  3. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    If you want a comparable. James Neal is not a good one. A better one would be Jakub Voracek. Big wingers that only use their physicality to protect the puck. Jaromir Jagr is a prime example of this type of player. He isn't going to kill you but you will never get the puck off of him and he'll drive to the middle of the ice to score using his size.