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  1. Hey friend its me again, just stopping by to say Hi!

  2. Hello friend, I am sad that you never reply to my comments :(

  3. I'm going to be cocky, anyone who wants to step up and play me add canucks121 for xbl, 80,000 in the world so far, 1 mill with 2.5 days played
  4. Can we be best friends? shake and bake baby!

  5. Well i'm older than most people I've spoken to... :/

  6. well, its all for fun, those who take it seriously are nuts....well besides me

  7. its because you have a vageen and most ppl on cdc dont leave there house that often and they prey on the few around here

  8. oh thank goodness, because I was kidding when i said add me to that list

  9. I took you off...you will be sorely missed

  10. Dunno how that one happened. I only post a couple times a day.

  11. You have been on here not even a month and you have triple profile views then me in over a year