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  1. Not gonna lie, when OP checks out all the responses, many questions will be raised about us. Internet is a strange place.
  2. Only available through the back door.
  3. Best eaten by sucking the meat out.
  4. Not everyone in the party ate fish.
  5. They evacuated. It was a hairy situation.
  6. He said lesser known places. Everyone's been to his moms undergarments.
  7. I remember when I first joined was waaay back in 2004. See in those days, not many people had cell phones. Canucks talk was full of well thought, insightful trade proposals and no one ever doubted the teams ability to play. Those sure where the good old days. Nowadays, I just sit here on my porch, watching the final years of my life go by as quickly as the smoke disappears from my pipe. Go..Canucks...go..
  8. I liked it better before the game, when everyone here was drunk and ordering pizza. Many were saying no matter what, it's been an incredible year. What happened to the positive attitude? Did the Budweiser wear off early or something?
  9. Let's not forget guys, Demko stopped 123 out of 125 shots in three games in 4 nights. That's a .984 save percentage. UN freaking believable.
  10. Way to go boys! Amazing season! Super proud of you. Next year we're a force to reckon with! The future is bright.
  11. Guys! Act like you're proud ffs. The team accomplished so much these playoffs. I'm damn proud of this group. We're going to come back a force next year. The boys know what they're made of now. Great job canucks. Go get some rest. You've earned it.