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  1. I think this is the beginning of our 20 game win streak. My cheerios predicted it.
  2. You like CSTR? I sold 250 shares when they hit .56 Now sitting at 250 shares till. You think its worth it to buy more?
  3. Two periods is kinda our thing. It's usually the 1st and 3rd. Tonight is the 1st and 2nd. Oh well.
  4. Ah the good old days. Back when toilet paper was plentiful and you could still lick the seats of transit buses without fear of a deadly virus.
  5. Really wish Sutter didn't use up all his goals in one game. Going to have to rely on some of the other players now. Let's hope that works out. 4-2 Canucks.
  6. On the plus side, we're finally giving Marky the shutouts and dominate wins he always deserved.
  7. Given the condensed schedule, I think the 1st game was our "typical" October. The last two have been our "typical" November. Now we can go back to our inconsistent winning and maybe a streak or two.
  8. Bucket list item would be to Hike The Pacific Crest Trail again. Beyond that, having kids and buying house are next in line for the coveted Bucket List.
  9. I read that as "pet boiling rigs" Pot belly Pigs sounds much better
  10. Good. Guy didn't even sing the entire anthem anyways. ALWAYS got the crowd to help him out. Lazy. Good he is gone.
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