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  1. why do the announcers have a calgary boner?
  2. even on my nhl app on my ps4 is telling me to wait. no game yet
  3. Get er done boys!!! Go Canucks Go!!
  4. Great post man! i also live in toronto as i happen to work here. I was born in van and i proudly wear my gear to any event here all year long. Hate the leefs. The biggest issue that i have is watching the games as the people here do not belive that there is a world outside of thier borders. I was watching crapty online feeds forever but they prove unreliable. i just recently bought the nhl package for my ps4 so i am set!! Go Canucks Go!!
  5. We got this!! They aint nothing they do not reek of awesomeness like our team!! Just stick to the game plan and do not get pushed around. We are the better team. Just win baby. We have been here before and we did overcome!! https://youtu.be/DQiJa_w40-w
  6. they sound like some kids.....not like us distinguished and proper internet posters
  7. if you are walking around in cow town and it starts to rain...They will also argue that point and say they it is only raining on them only.
  8. Tune in radio app
  9. Lol this was a conversation I had with my friend who is a die hard leafs fan
  10. ]when i read the topic, I was thinking this....
  11. No fair!! I am thinking if we just simplify things and just go to basics. If i were the coach, I would tell us just score more goals than them and we could have a chance at winning
  12. there must be some good recreational/medical stuff over there