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  1. An inexpensive 4th line ELC would be Woo, 11/7 arrangement. Just tell him to hit.
  2. Last game I hated when Russell hacked Petie in the ribs twice, no call. We really need somebody to respond to that. I'm sure the whole bench saw it. It was flagrant and gutless on our young star by a old faded vet. I wanted Myers to overlap and crush the weasel. In the old days a coach would tap Tiger or Gino or Brash on the shoulder. nuf said.
  3. Offer Malhotra the job. With two experienced assistants. He's been there. Heart and soul guy. Lindenesque dedication to our blue and green. Mop up the season. If he does well we'll see about next year.
  4. I think were selling Zack's mom short here.
  5. If were making decisions to protect a 7/8 defenseman over trying to win hockey games, that's ludicrous.
  6. I think Chatfield is fast and aggressive, but needs to calm down and gain some experience and hockey IQ in Utica.
  7. Well if Poolparty wasn't a big wuss they should have fought like it looked like was going to happen.
  8. Last nights game is in the past too? No need to analyze? The Chatfield decision was pretty bad. And if Chat didn't get hurt he'd probably be still playing.
  9. If it was me, 100 push ups for every gaffe, at practice, in front of everybody. Or thousand dollar kangaroo court fine towards the beer fund. Or both.
  10. Yeah he's kinda a dumbass IMHO. This is the time to develop but we'll probably keep chasing our tails to try and make the playoffs. We're in danger of mismanaging Huggy, his offense is astounding but he needs a lot of help on his D zone coverage. The mental gaffes and high number of giveaways on this team scares me. Somebody should round up some Howie Meeker tapes about clearing the zone and last man back. We have tonnes of talent but lack mental toughness, we get hemmed in our zone then we panic and turn it over. One thing I loved about Tiger Williams was how he would be able to lob the puck high in the air over everyone's heads, out of the zone and avoiding an icing in the process. ps Lind! Yes please.
  11. Might be too late for that, I think were in tank mode but we don't even know it. Let the kids play. Try a 11/7 line up. Try Petie with Mac. Try a big guy on net front presence on the PP. This could be a blessing in disguise, like a prolonged pre season. I'd like to see Graovac and Woo for a few games.
  12. I think he'll be a great project to fill a bottom 6 spot for us next year. Maybe even a cup of coffee this year. Waive Louie and call up Rayovac.
  13. If that was the thought then it wasn't a smart decision for winning hockey games. That would be a AHL decision. OJ scores and is playing well defensively then gets sat in order to thwart Seattle next year?