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  1. Had a dream I was playing for the Canucks. I was on D and retrieved the puck in our zone. I saw they were taking their time with their line change so I skated the puck hard in transition, they weren't expecting that. As I crossed the blueline and headed for the net I could feel the defenders closing in,I was losing time and space so I turned and drifted butt first toward the crease setting up a screen as I looked to throw the puck back, I dropped it to where Petie was able to skate onto it and blast a slapper from inside the blueline. I braced myself for the shot, I could feel my face contorting in hopes of not getting hit. The puck grazed passed me, and two players draped all over me, passed the surprised goalie, and found the back of the net.

    1. Master 112

      Master 112

      That wasn't a dream. You used to play for the Canucks but suffered too many concussions and now have problems discerning reality from dreams.


      The goal you're describing came in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Leafs. It was the GWG. You're a hero.

    2. Alflives


      I had a similar dream, but my pass was to Edler, who broke his stick when shooting to puck into an opponent’s shin pads.  

  2. I think Smyl should go to the draft.

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    1. ReggieBush


      Or Thomas Gradin. Maybe some swedish luck?

    2. Hairy Kneel
  3. I just got a scam email for etransfer of $458.00 from "CRA"

    VANCOUVER — The CRA warning the public of a recent scam involving email money transfers. It wants to remind the public the CRA will only send payments by direct deposit or by cheque, never by email money transfer.

    There have been many reports of people receiving texts from an unknown number asking the user to click on a link to deposit their income tax return. Do not click on the link. There is also another version of the text message, telling people they need to unlock their account: 

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    2. Odd.


      Also have the FAQ's just to appear professional haha

    3. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Nothing beats a call from India by some guy named "Frank" asking me for my PC credentials.  I trolled him good for about 5 min.  'You can't hustle a hustler Frank" in my worst east indian accent.

    4. debluvscanucks


      Love the stories of people putting their kids on the line:   "hold on one moment please...."   Three year old takes over the conversation.  You can almost feel the pain at the other end of the line.


      I trolled the Google Ad people once...they called our business daily, despite being asked to stop.  So, the next call they made, I was ready for them.  In my craziest cat lady voice:    


      "Google?  I LOVE Googles...I have 3.  Do you have blue ones?...I need a blue one please.  How much are they? there a sale today".  Click.  Didn't call back for months.  We had a great giggle in the office.

  4. Finally a 4th line I can not wince at when they're on the ice..nothing flashy just doing their jobs/roles...we've had every type of carpet bagger and social miscreant patrolling the 4th line for us lately...sure they might cost a bit more but you gotta pay for the security.
  5. Vey is not the right fit for this team...too small for bottom 6 too slow for top 6....crappy on faceoffs. If McCann goes down Cracknell or Gaunce for the 4th line.
  6. Please Sutter not Higgins on the 2PP
  7. They should find out which big man is the best at tipping the puck on the point shot, Kass, Weise, I'd like to try Welsh because he tipped in a point shot who Tanti made his living that way. Use tipping drills to find out who is the most adept.