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  1. Tryamkin with 2 assists today. First was a rebound put in off a hard Tryamkin slap shot from the left point, second goal was a tip off a strong snap shot by Tryamkin from the blue line and deflected in. Coach Peter's has Tryamkin on the 2nd pp unit.
  2. Fatigue was a huge factor. I think we'll see a better effort from Tampa on Monday. Tampa running after a Dallas big hit cost them.
  3. Coaches come and coaches go. I think our coaching staff is still growing to the level of our talent.
  4. I think we're going to feel the gap he leaves in the dressing room. His role as a FO coach for sure but I think he had a steadying influence on our centers.
  5. NY has a huge kill to stay in this. OT. Actually an exciting finish coming up.
  6. I feel like somebody's been reading my mail. I've been proposing Manny for bench duty for a couple seasons now. I didn't think TO would pull the trigger on us. I think Manny's gonna kill it. He's going to be a players coach. He seems above par on competitiveness and ability to motivate players. That shee is contagious. It'll take a few seasons but watch out.
  7. Official KHL announcement about the postponement of six regular season games. Six regular season games involving Barys, which were scheduled to take place between Sep. 18 and Oct. 1, are postponed until a later date. The games affected are Barys vs Dinamo Riga (Sep. 18) and the next five road games at Severstal (Sep. 20), Metallurg (Sep. 22), Kunlun Red Star (Sep. 27), Vityaz (Sep. 29) and HC Sochi (Oct. 1). Following preliminary positive tests for coronavirus involving 12 members of the playing and coaching staff, the team must undergo two weeks in quarantine. The dates and times of the rearranged games will be confirmed by the KHL later, once a new schedule can be agreed with the clubs involved.