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  1. I like the Abby team can come to games. See how it's done, and get motivated to get to the show. And vice-versa.
  2. I know right! It's actually rather odd. And all these college free agents everyone chases are way over rated.
  3. Nominated for the Norris Good for him. Hughes has a bit of work to hit that level of recognition.
  4. Tofu disappeared in the last round like he disappeared in our last playoff round. With realignment he's not going to get anywhere near the goal totals.
  5. Just going by Sterlitz and if that includes the CHL agreement? This is right. "Players drafted and playing for CHL teams are ineligible to play in the professional minor leagues (AHL, ECHL) until they are 20 years old (by December 31st of that year) or have completed four years in major juniors". The fact that he does not have contract in Q and does not play for them makes this complicated, some kind of grey area. We'll see how it is going to be solved. Klimovich does not refuse to play in Q, he just want to check with Canucks which way they want him to go.
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