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  1. I would tend to agree, however we did not actually hold the lead. Might be just my eye test but good things seem to happen when Podz is on the ice. I'm going to go back and watch his shifts to double check. pvr
  2. I think Podz has great puck possession skills and would be great at protecting a lead. He attacks the puck, good on the boards and he is responsible defensively.
  3. Our bottom 9 is so much faster (not Choisson) and tougher on the puck. They chase Garland, then they chase Hogs, watch out for Big Dick, and no names Pooly and Burrouws settle down our D. And our top players get more room to create. Without a Babych or Dirk we really do have a new NHL style team. If we can manage to even out ice times somewhat I think we can stay healthier. Congrats Podz!!!
  4. Yeah I guess his holding back is better for our defense. But I wouldn't mind him being a bit more selfish from time to time. Love his game btw.
  5. I feel Bo is being held back with Green's coaching style. I think he has more offense to give. But has a 3rd line mentality. His offense has been coached out of him.
  6. Green does have to own that. But he's Teflon and everyone else is glue. He'd never take responsibility for anything.
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