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  1. Shit slinging lie.. can I quote you?
  2. Dude, get them to take the racist statement back please.
  3. Racism?! Kariya, Park, Malhotra, Brash, Gino, now Woo and Hirose. Carter, Weekes, Bailey, Etam, Chatfield, Archibald. And if Lafayette made that shot!?!? Or if Bains scores a cup winner in the playoffs, he'll rule the Scott Road festivals. All have been commented on according to their merit not their colour, from what I've seen anyway. Dorrie was a possible target, but again all comments were above board and not about her gender. (Alf is the only one who stands out, but we can all generally agree that he needs very much help.) They need to walk this back. We are not a racist team. We haven't railroaded anyone out of town because of race. Ask Bear.
  4. Thin skinned executives here and at league offices, eastern media moguls, and butt hurt media critics all ganged up on one Canuck forum. Who else did they shut down? Everyone wants to control the narrative, but we do that for ourselves in our forum. To Bettman et al your loss not ours.
  5. You guys don't stand a chance this year
  6. I would think trying out a power forward to add some Jam.
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