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  1. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Of course its revisionist history. This is CDC , where its all revisionist history depending on what they want to believe. The guy was terrible. He was SLOW. However, this back excuse crap never lead to any 'permanent damage' supposedly and never required any surgery either. How about the fact hes too slow? He is too slow to dominate the NHL, just like Kyle Wellwood is . Shroeder is fast, skilled, played at the College level and now the AHL level and produced. Hes also younger than Hodgson. More people need to start waking up to these basic facts.
  2. Now if only CDC had more members like you. Nope I am not talking about people who share the same opinions on the team but people who will openly express their opinion without fear of getting called a troll or taking minuses. Guys like you, Sanford, and Shawn Rocker take too much flak because of your differing opinions.

  3. Gillis simply needs to replace willie and get better goaltending

  4. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    You guys will never stop trying to hijack threads and make them all about Hodgson. Gillis tried desperately to avoid Hodgson . He talked about the canucks prospects as a whole until a reporter finally had to ask specifically about Cody. Even then, he says he has no idea if he can make the team, but he has high hopes for him. Like he does all our prospects. Its not something specific to Hodgson. Its not like he has high hopes for the clown but nobody esle. He then went on to talk about Connaution and Sauve in great detail. Gillis stated that to get a top 4 RENTAL he wasn't prepared to trade Hodgson. Now you tools are twisting that into EVERYONE wanted Hodgson . Isn't it great to hide behind the internet and make up chit anytime you feel like it? You guys do this all the time. ANYWAYS, can we get back to Jordan Schroeder now? The thread is supposed to be about him.
  5. Luongo and the Captaincy

    Im not a big believer in racially profiling guys due to their nationality. I think that its the person , not which country they were born in. Henrik (Sweden) Ryan (USA) could easily become captain or even co -captains. p.s. Derian Hatcher won the cup as a USA born captain in 1999.
  6. Luongo and the Captaincy

    Very well written article. Sometimes we have a tendency to defend our favorite players -as I do with Kesler himself . You have shown great restraint and objectivity regarding Lui and therefore get a full thumbs up. There is no reason why Lui cant be the off ice captain or 'honorary captain' and be left to concentrate on playing between the pipes. Cheers
  7. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    We will re sign Welly and both Schroeder and Hodgson will be in Manitoba next year, unless injuries hit.
  8. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I would like to see what kind of season he has next year in manitoba. If he does well, he could be ready for the 2011 - 2012 season
  9. First Date Gone Awry

    Kesler has played brilliantly in the playoffs. Hes second in takeaways /giveaways behind Datsyuk , he has 9 points in 8 games, blocks shots , and is a plus 4. Even the US eastern media on Versus has been calling Kesler brilliant.
  10. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    You guys are trying to make the Schroeder thread about Hodgson ? I have never seen a prospect so ridiculously over hyped in my life than Cody Hodgson. But back to Schroeder (remember him? its his thread right?) .... Hes already proving to be good enough to play in the AHL at 19 and not only that, thrive.
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I've been thinking it over for the year since this thread has been going and now I can announce my decision. Yes. I think we really need Burrows.
  12. Could we see Grabner dealt on Wednesday?

    I think we should trade Hodgson instead. He may never even make the NHL and Grabner has already shown he can.
  13. gave you a plus 1 for your effort on the kesler article today. Thanks


  14. Assessment of Team Canada after the Preliminary Round

    c of team Canada since the pelim round? So ever since Canada played for real against Russia and Slovakia? Their offense, depth and grit has been outstanding. Their goal tending? In these two games (ECHL level Germany and Norway dont really count) against Russia and Slovakia , the GAA is 2.50 and a save percentage of sub .900