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  1. Just was bored so a I threw one together if anyone is looking for one at all still. Here's the details. WestCoast420Hockey (ID# 44975) Password: Spyd3rz
  2. Anyone looking for a Yahoo league WestCoast420Hockey (ID# 44975) password is Spyd3rz
  3. Feels like Christmas...

  4. Can't wait till Portugal end Spain's World Cup in aboslute devastation.

  5. Stoked for the Draft, wish there was all day coverage today on TSN like July 1 or the Trade Deadline

  6. Congrats to Hank and Kesler for their Nominations in the Hart, Lindsey, and Selke Trophies, and Congrats to Hank for winning the Hart.

  7. kk I have a problem right now I cannot get online and my head is spinning. I select "Multiplayer" > then "Play Online" > and then it says "Connecting to Matchmaking Server" and just stays like that, sometimes it works but then i get into it and when it loads your data, rank and some other stuff it just stays on the screen saying something like Fetching Playlists... Updating Rank and Unlocks... Connecting to Matchmaking Server... And stays on that screen, how can i resolve this? PM me the solution if their is one, I'm guessing I may have to wait for the next update ='( and I was getting so close to level 70.
  8. Slipknot - Purity (Girl in a Box)
  9. Mat Hunwick would be a great late pick same with Alex Ebbett. Shirokov and Gilroy could be high risk, high reward picks. Goaltenders gets a lot of points so the big names in net are ones. If you want to grab some sleepers there would be Rinne, Varlamov, Quick, and possibly Crawford who could push Huet as the #1 guy in Chicago. Minnesota player should see an increase in points as Lemaire is out as coach. Koivu and Burns are some safe bets to increase on their offesnive games.
  10. Crack the Skye - Mastodon I believe everyone should own a copy of this album.