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  1. This guy had so many funny/stupid threads, Did they all get deleted?

  2. Man that sucks you lost all your -...

  3. Wow lol, yea people need to post freely...

  4. Nope I went down over -100 and counting in a day. This plus minus system messes up what people post anyways. I bet some people are afraid to get minused for speaking their mind.

  5. Lol i went -40 in one day, that should be a record.

  6. dude whats with all the posts and topics in one day ?

  7. he's better than awesome ! ;)

  8. bertuzzi is awesome

  9. You are like a legend.

  10. Yea, I made a couple of Joke threads, and my Team is suppose to be funny, not realistic.

    I guess people thought i was serious.

  11. We both have a rep that is bad..