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  1. This OEL trade business is keeping me up at night. Actually affecting my mood. Please be over tomorrow. 

    1. Nuck1991


      coyotes GM said it in the interview today that he is not trading him and will pass this deadline. Gm plans to come back at it after free agency. 

      Really $&!#ty move, player doesnt wanna be there, franchise doesnt wanna commit, jusy move him for fuks sake

    2. Phil_314


      Well he's their biggest trade chip so I doubt they'd let him go for cheap.

  2. Plus, that friday deadline imposed by OEL.
  3. It's like the Cascadia subduction zone. All of this pressure is building up and it's about to release it all tonight.
  4. I dare you to play it all day today until a trade is announced.
  5. I think we'd easily ship him out in this trade. Benning doesn't even want him.
  6. OEL will touch the cup with one hand and Jet Black will touch the cup with the other hand at the same time and they'll be teleported to the goalie graveyard with Count Bettman waiting for them and his sidekick Wormtail (played by The Rat Brad Marchand). The Goblet of Fire is coming to life.
  7. The Rock's gonna lay the smackdown on that roodypoo candyass!
  8. The Rock says this Donald Trump you take that coronavirus, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it straight up your candyass!!!
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