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  1. This OEL trade business is keeping me up at night. Actually affecting my mood. Please be over tomorrow. 

    1. Nuck1991


      coyotes GM said it in the interview today that he is not trading him and will pass this deadline. Gm plans to come back at it after free agency. 

      Really $&!#ty move, player doesnt wanna be there, franchise doesnt wanna commit, jusy move him for fuks sake

    2. Phil_314


      Well he's their biggest trade chip so I doubt they'd let him go for cheap.

  2. Do you smell what The Rock is cookin'?

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    2. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      Not really. I can only smell fried chicken and motor oil

    3. VforVasili


      That is super weird because the Rock is actually cooking fried chicken in motor oil.

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      It doesn’t matter what VforVirtanen thinks....





  3. Finally The Rock has come back  to CDC to say one thing: Thank you. Thank you to the most electrifying Swedish twins of all-time. Have a hell of a game tonight. You will be missed.

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      I might cry a little bit. And I never cry because I'm a grown man. This is one of the few times its acceptable!

    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      But don't be sad they are leaving, be glad we were fortunate enough to have them play here!

    3. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      @Tortorella's Rant Whatever you feel in the moment, embrace it, don't avoid it. Soak it in. It's gonna be a hell of  a game tonight. 

  4. Finally The Rock is leaving CDC and he is never ever coming back. Take care everyone. Don't fight with each other too much. :)

  5. Which one of you is this? I know it's someone from CDC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz1GifAkz-w

    1. Heretic


      what kind of parents allow an 11 year old to play GTA 5?!?!?!

    2. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      I know, right? My 11 year old won't be touching GTA until he learns to stop crying.

  6. The thunder woke me up. i love storms!

    1. Twilight Sparkle
    2. The Brahma Bull
    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i love storms and thunder and lightning as long as i'm in my warm room listening.sometimes i tune in storms on u-tube.

  7. This morning there were 3 Schneider Canucks Home Jerseys at Sportchek/Guildford Mall location for $110. There was a small for $100. Men's clearance rack.

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    2. nux4lyfe


      Some douche offered me 40$ for my Luongo jersey when apparently he was on "the trading block"..I throw up the middle finger and walked away..

    3. stexx


      i turned my schneids jersey into a horvat.

    4. Mangoes


      Lu is not in the trading block anymore He's our permanent starter for how many more ears he has on that contract

  8. Is it too soon to start watching Halloween movies? :D

    1. AriGold


      Hells no.. But I'm a weird one like that. I watch Christmas movies all year around, just a funny quirk about me..

    2. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      I do that too. Halloween and Christmas movies.

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