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  1. Hockey's back! FINALLY!!!

    1. Canucks_fo_life


      It is, but theres nothing exciting about having the flames back

  2. Congrats Boston on a well-deserved Stanley Cup!

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    2. The Situation

      The Situation

      Yeah, go back to Calgarypuck!

    3. GototheFlamestotheGo
    4. GototheFlamestotheGo


      I would have said the same thing had Vancouver won.

  3. That's good for me then. I can sneak into the friends lists and hearts of loyal Canucks fans and start a Flames revolution from the inside. Karl Marx would be proud! lol

  4. lol

    I'm triggered to auto-accept

    I'm desperate for friends

    Even flames fans are welcome :P

  5. I think your inner Flames fan drove you to click "Accept" on my request! :P

  6. hey how did I sneak on to your friend list :P

  7. Haha! If Mo does becomes a Flame, does that technically make me a Canuck lover? :P

  8. If mo goes to the flames I'm taking you off my GD friends list. ;)

  9. No problem man! I was pretty surprised with the rep rating as well! lol

  10. Hey, thanks for the friend invite! You have got a pretty good rep, for a Flames fan. :P