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  1. Reputation: 1000! VICTORY!!!!

    1. :D


      I've used up all my negs so I can't drop you back under :(

    2. MashedBananas


      I was sitting at just under 1000 for so long that I would have hunted you down

  2. Banananananananananana NAMASH!!!!

  3. Reputation: 666!!!!!! I'M EVIL!!!!

    1. Slaytanic Wehrmacht

      Slaytanic Wehrmacht

      welcome to the club, pal.

    2. Caboose


      Plused you because I can.

    3. MashedBananas


      So it was you who messed my evilness!!!!

      (I don't actually mind lol)

  4. all for the good of Moon Ra's awakening

  5. NOOOO Ranyart you changed your name!!!!!!

  6. Ah, totally understandable! I look forward to it...mwuahahahha

  7. I will soon! I've been quite busy the last few days, with Christmas and everything. Hopefully near Sunday I can start it again!

  8. Hey, as your intrepid sidekick, I say you need to get your drawing thread back up!

  9. HA!!! Now you can't sue me in a week!

  10. Tip: When you respond to someone writing on your profile you write on their wall not your own.

  11. I guess this name change is already more popular then gooooooooNucks ever was!

  12. I also approve of the name change!