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  1. Meltdown may be under way, officials are reporting this. btw this pic is a hoax done this morning, people thought it was real because it matches up with the jetstream.
  2. horrible, one guy even said "payback for nuking pearl harbour" Sometime I questions information from the internet, makes me to see how many people believe everything they hear on twitter, example celebrity deaths. Anyways, i'm starting to really question Vancouver, and the PNW region's earthquake readiness, our building standards aren't even close to those of Japan's.
  3. haha, jersey shore is garbage, Being a teenager I can stand the douches who love the show.

  4. Thanks for the +1.

    The way I see it though is '-'s from Jersey Shore fans are really '+'s :D

  5. Ughh, today i made a bad choice, sitting in the Old MK I Skytrain car by the window where the sun is shining at noon for more than 20 minutes.... I wouldnt mind that Vegas 40 Degree SuperDry heat
  6. for me its not the heat, but rather the humidity along with heat. I'm hoping it isnt going to be too humid