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    how is you? are going to any games dis year? am wents to panthers/nucks. bernier, k? allen. weaver. mccabe. LOL. It was pretty much canucks vs ex-canucks!

  2. btw sorry for the late reply =P. just coming out of my "hibernation" on CDC. I take it this is Mattwn? haven't seen you in awhile!

  3. hahaha he'll be rotating the "A" with the others so that's good enough!!!

  4. Am doing good! How are you doing?

    Have you been enjoying the preseason games? Keep an eye out for the GREAT DANE? This is his year. I say he'll pop 15+ this year. It's DENMARK'S time to shine haha.

  5. hey man, how have you been lately? just logged in for the first time in forever and i noticed you left me a comment! I'm glad to know you still think about me. hahaha

    how've you been dude?

  6. Follow my twitter, @ Mattwn

  7. To the left of "this" in your sig, it looks like someone getting a job. just saying.
  8. How's your cousin doing

  9. maybe thats something we need to look into.

    i have new music for you

  10. Yeah. But the virus came back. But not as bad.

    It's like the smoke monster. Can't kill it unless you destroy the island (laptop).

  11. Ah, you had to find your constant?

    Like Desmond in season 5

  12. I couldn't go back. Had to find something to take me back.

  13. Hahahhahah. Remember when you said that was you in your picture.